10 Easy And Creative Tips to Keep a Garage Cool

The summer is in full swing, and the heat can be unbearable. That is why many homeowners are looking for ways to keep their garages cool when they are working on cars or doing other projects.  The blog post will provide some tips for maintaining a garage cool during the warmer months of the year. With these easy tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your garage all year round!

Keeping a Garage Cool
Keeping a Garage Cool

Use Oscillating Fans

If you have a ceiling fan, use that instead of an electrician cooling device on high to pull heat up into the house. Use fans with oscillating functions, so they blow across more surface area than just one spot in front or behind them. And turn off other electrical appliances like TVs and computers as they generate heat through their power cords. You can save on oscillating fans through coupons.

Install Insulation On Exterior Walls

Install insulation on exterior walls to reflect sunlight away from those surfaces during midday hours when it is hottest outside. Also, remove roof eaves for increased airflow if necessary by reducing shade.

Make sure your garage door is tight and in good shape to prevent hot air from leaking inside. If the seal isn’t perfect, install insulation on the top of it as well if possible.

Have Reflective Coating

Install a reflective coating that does not make noise over asphalt or other surfaces where you park cars not to heat up too much either. These coatings can reduce surface temperatures. You can check for coupons on reflective coating for savings.

Use Permeable Materials

Use permeable materials like gravel for flooring rather than cement. It will also help with drainage when it’s raining outside too. Avoid using wood because trees release moisture into the air through their leaves which increases humidity levels. Concrete floors can also worsen the problem by absorbing heat. You can check for deals on flooring material through coupons.

Create A Shady Spot In Your Garage

Create a shady spot in your garage with an overhanging roof or patio umbrella so you can work outside during hot summer days. You could even use up some of that stored energy to power A/C units! And don’t forget about ceiling fans and window air conditioners too for when it heats up inside.

Consider Installing Sunscreens

Consider installing sunscreens or shades over windows inside the garage. They will help keep cool air from getting into your house while still allowing light to come through. You could use this technique alongside any overhead fans too! You can also check for discounts on windows shade for savings.

Close Off Interior Space

Consider closing off as much of the interior space in your garage that you can. It includes walls, shelves, and other items. It will help keep cool air from escaping into the house too quickly.  If you have a lot of open space on opposite sides or corners, it may be smarter to extend them. So, they’re not just wasted room with no barrier between them and outside. 

Take Advantage Of Natural Breezes

Take advantage of natural breezes by opening any windows near the inside walls on opposite sides of the garage and placing a box fan in the window. Keep the garage door closed when it’s not being used. It will help keep heat from getting inside of your house as well.

Use Portable Fans

Use ceiling or portable fans to cool down any areas with higher temperatures than others. You’ll want just enough airflow for anything hotter. As always, make sure to check what type of insulation you have in the ceiling and walls to know how much airflow is safe for your house.

Place a fan in the back, opposite of where you are working. The airflow will feel more relaxed and refreshing as it blows over your face.

Use Cooling Accessories
Use Cooling Accessories

Use Evaporative Cool Pad

Use a cool evaporative pad to keep things around you from getting too hot. The cooling system is great for desks or other outdoor activities during the summer months. Check for offers on evaporative pads for savings.

Summing Up

The garage is a great place to store your car and bike, but it’s also the perfect spot for an epic summer party. Make sure you have all of the cooling essentials on hand before inviting friends over! Also, if you’re cooling for any other reason, be sure to follow our tips.