13 Funny Words That You Might Don’t Know

13 Funny Words That You Might Don’t Know
13 Funny Words That You Might Don’t Know

If you think that you are good at vocabulary, you will probably be wrong. Here, we are going to discuss a few words that we guarantee that you have never heard these funny words ever before.

The Words Are Weird

The Words Are Weird
The Words Are Weird

Do you still giggle when anybody says “duty”? Wait till to read these funny words, which are completely real. Every so often, some new words added to the dictionary might be amusing for you. Obviously, the way people combine the words can be very funny; take the funny quotes so far.

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1. Taradiddle

Initially, several weird words look fake. Do you know what that means? See this hint: it sounds like taradiddle. It is due to the fact that it means to lie, bogus, or nonsense, etc.

2. Friendlily

Do you think that it is misspelled? If so, then you are wrong. It is right. Unbelievable? Yes, it is an adjective form of friendly, which means in a friendly way. These words look made up, but they are real.

3. Macaronic

Want to find this word in the top Italian dinner menu with cheese? Can you guess what that means? This is actually what happens when one mixes two different languages.

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4. Dongle

It may seem like a brand selling new dog toys, but it is not something you have to put on your shopping list for your new dog. Before going to the store, know what a dongle is. It is a hardware piece connecting a computer to another device. Moreover, you can use the dongle regularly to connect to the digital media player or use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

5. Pronk

The Pronk sounds fit with the onomatopoeia examples, but it does not fit. It is a foolish or weak individual. Moreover, it is a verb too when referring to antelope and, more alike, animals. It means to leap with stiff legs and an arched back as a sign it is threatened or a display form.

6. Absquatulate

It never means to do squats to improve your abs. It means to run away or to leave suddenly or, more particularly, to de-camp.

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7. Abear

It doesn’t have something to do with the animals. The word Abear means to put up with, that shows you can say that you abeared encounter with a bear.

8. Cabotage

Let’s clarify one thing: Cabotage never means sabotaging a taxi driver. So, what can be the real definition?

This means the passengers and goods transport amongst two places in a country. In fact, it refers only to coastal travel amongst the ports; however, the definition has extended to consist of travel by road, railway, and air.

9. Batholith

It may look less frightened relative to the basilisk monster of Harry Potter. However, in actual fact, it is a geological term. It describes a vast amount of igneous rock, which is crystallized beneath the surface of the earth.

10. Yemeles

The word “Yemeles” can be old, but it is real. In ancient English, the term ‘to take yeme’ was meant to care. So, anybody who was ‘yemeles’ was completely careless or reckless.

11. Firkin

It is not a dirty word. Moreover, it is also not a catlike creature, which can swallow things ten times its size, such as Marvel Comics flerken. Firkin is a British word referring to a small tub or vessel and certainly qualifies as an international word, which sounds rude in English.

12. Oxter

We would like to tell you that Oxster is an otters and oxen group, who became friends, it will be a lie. It will not have anything to do with the otters or oxen, or any other animal. It will be unbelievable for you that this word is an outdated term for armpit.

13. Agelast

The funny word means a funny thing. And, this word will never refer to the youth fountain. It means anybody who doesn’t laugh. Moreover, you absolutely will not want to be that person.