3 Men’s Perfume Brands That Bring Out The Real Gentleman

There are numerous perfume brands out there claiming themself to be the best fragrance brand for gentlemen. But hey, you must understand that if everything is the best, then nothing is the best. I’m going to show you 3 Men’s Perfume Brands that can really help to bring out the real gentleman in you.

Men’s Perfume Brands That Bring Out The Real Gentleman
Men’s Perfume Brands That Bring Out The Real Gentleman

Tom Ford

The very first lines of Tom Ford perfume were released in 2005, in collaboration with Estee Lauder – a famous specialist in the perfume industry. Since then, these products have won both men’s and women’s love around the world.

“Like music or food, the scent is a very direct sensory stimulant. It provokes the senses, it brings up emotion and memory and feeling”, says the founder of Tom Ford. Wearing Tom Ford perfumes is like telling your stories through scents, and different scents give particular clues.

The Tom Ford Noir Extreme Line helps you to express the warm and gentle aspect within. On the other hand, the Tom Ford Oud Wood Line creates a luxurious and mysterious feeling, highlighting the most attractive essence of your inner gentleman.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme
Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is doing a very good job in mixing both the elegant, masculine feeling with the aquatic and woodsy feeling without making the scent excessively strong and annoying.

By combining pleasing scents from different ingredients such as mandarin, neroli, orange blossom, sandalwood and vanilla in different formulas, each line of Giorgio Armani perfume has its own remarkable traits.

The Acqua Di Giò Men’s Fragrance Line provides a fresh and mild scent, and it will be a perfect choice for summer.

The Armani Code Men’s Fragrance and Armani Eau Pour Homme Lines, however, create a more natural, elegant scent, and they are better options for formal events and dates.

Acqua Di Giò Men's Fragrance
Acqua Di Giò Men’s Fragrance


Chanel is a renowned fashion brand formed in 1910, and it has now become one of the fashion empires around the world. With Chanel, you should look for perfume coupons, because the price here is often higher than other brands.

In 1921, the first fragrance line of Chanel – Chanel No5 was released. Later, in 1955, the first Chanel’s men’s fragrance named Chanel Pour Monsieur was introduced. These events created a huge change in the whole fragrance industry.

Chanel always focuses on honoring the masculine, strong and confident aspects of men. All lines of Chanel fragrances create the vibe of an English gentleman: a decisive, independent, elegant and subtle man who is not bound by any rule.

Each Chanel men’s perfume comes from a different inspiration or story. This trait makes it easier for users to understand more clearly about the fragrance and the appropriate context to use it.

Chanel Fragrance
Chanel Fragrance

Wrapping Up

Having a basic foundation of Men’s fragrance history and the differences among the outstanding perfume lines is very important. By referring to the 3 suggestions above, I hope that all of you can soon find your signature scent, which brings out the gentleman of your own version.