5 Basic Types of Kitchen Islands To Add More Appeal

Kitchen islands can be a great addition to your kitchen. They provide extra counter space, and often they have storage drawers or cabinets underneath for storing pots and pans. There are many different types of islands available. This blog post will outline some basic styles to determine which one is right for you!

Kitchen Islands Types
Kitchen Islands Types

1. Rolling Cart Island

A rolling cart island is the most basic type of kitchen island. It’s simply a stand with shelves and wheels which can be moved around your kitchen for extra storage or to give you counter space when needed. You can save on a rolling cart island through coupons.

Many people choose this option if they don’t have any room in their budget for something more permanent. But want some island that doesn’t take up too much space during non-use times. 

2. Kitchen Island Table 

A kitchen island table is perhaps the most popular type of island. It will be a large table with a counter space where you can prepare foods, clean dishes, and work on projects such as sewing or crafts. Some people prefer to have their islands built from scratch by carpenters for this reason. 

  • However, some companies do ready-made manufacture tables which are made with commercial-grade materials. So they will last many years in even the busiest kitchens.
  • If you buy one of these pre-fabricated tables, it would not cost very much at all. 
  • These islands come in several different sizes, too but are usually around 36 inches wide by 48 inches long. 
  • Though your measurements are off just slightly, companies will custom make them for you. You can check for offers on the kitchen island table for savings.

3. Base Cabinet With Countertop

A base cabinet with a countertop is a great way to add more space to your kitchen without adding too much extra height. These units are usually lower than standard counters. Check for discounts on a base-cabinet kitchen island for savings.

  • A standard countertop usually accompanies a base-cabinet kitchen island. 
  • The countertops come in many different materials and colors so you can match your aesthetic to the rest of your space. So, choose something more contrasting if that’s what appeals to you.
  • As with any other type of kitchen island, the size will depend on how much room you have available and how it fits into your design plans. 
  • This option also offers storage underneath for larger appliances such as blenders and food processors.
  • Keep in mind that this may reduce some cabinet storage elsewhere in the kitchen since they’re essentially taking up valuable shelf/drawer real estate. 

4. Fully Functional Island

A fully functional island can be used as a cooking area, eating/socializing space, and extra storage. They come in many sizes but typically seem to seat between two and six people comfortably. 

  • These islands are generally the most expensive because they require more materials than other options for construction. 
  • Additionally, their size makes them difficult to move or remove if desired. So you will want to think very carefully about where you plan on placing it before making your purchase. 
Fully functional island
Fully functional island

5. Double-Tiered Cooking/Eating Kitchen Island

This type of island is a combination of two separate islands. They can be used for cooking and eating, depending on the layout. The upper tier provides an elevated surface, while the lower level offers more storage or seating if you have bar stools or chairs in front of it. 

  • In this case, having both appliances such as cooktop stove and oven are possible for maximum utility space usage. 
  • There’s also room to add kitchen cabinets above these appliances, with extra countertops added to maximize workspaces too! 
  • This double-tiered island design gives off a grand appearance that will make any home feel like a castle! 
  • While not all standard-sized kitchens can accommodate this style due to its size requirements, many other types are available similar functionally at smaller sizes.

Summing Up

Kitchen islands are a popular feature for many kitchens. They are often multifunctional, providing space to work with food, as well as storage and seating. The type of kitchen island you choose can have a significant impact on the design of your kitchen. Be sure to check out the styles that may appeal to you! You can also check the decorative ideas for the kitchen for further help.