5 Creative Chalkboard Paint Ideas To Try At Home

Chalkboard paint is all the rage these days, and for a good reason. It’s an easy way to add a minor character to your kitchen or any other room in your home! If you’re thinking about giving this trend a try but you aren’t sure where to start, there are plenty of ideas for how to use chalkboard paint here. 

From painting the entire wall black with colorful words on it or using it as accent pieces on furniture or artwork, there are so many ways that chalkboard paint can make your life easier!

Chalkboard Paint Ideas
Chalkboard Paint Ideas

1. Pair With Shiplap

Combine the rustic look of shiplap with a classic black and white design for a bold focal point in your home. The idea works well because it adds an unexpected twist to familiar elements. Hence, creating intrigue and interest where there otherwise might not be any. There are so many possibilities when you consider how versatile chalkboard paint can be! You can save on chalkboard paint through coupons.

2. Transform Glass Surface

Transform any glass surface from ordinary to extraordinary by covering it with chalkboard paint. From jars filled with flowers to candle holders that shine against the window’s natural light. The option is perfect for those who want DIY d├ęcor without having too many options available at home improvement stores. You can check for offers on candle holders for savings.

3. Chalkboard Floor To Ceiling Doors For Pantry

When you’re trying to keep your kitchen organized, it can be easy to find yourself piling up items on the countertops. However, there’s no reason for this, thanks to our latest chalkboard paint idea! Chalkboard floor-to-ceiling pantry doors will allow you to get more use out of your cupboards by utilizing vertical space. 

Hence, giving yourself a place where you can organize all of your food in an aesthetically pleasing way. And if you ever decide that writing on them isn’t working anymore or they become too messy? No problem; wipe clean with some soap and water before reusing them again! Check for coupons on the soap for savings.

4. Chalkboard Wall 

To turn an entire wall into a chalkboard, give it one or two light coats, then allow it at least 24 hours before writing on your new masterpiece! You can also use brown craft paper if you’re going for that rustic look. It is also a great way to liven up your kid’s bedroom without having to break the bank on new bedding or furniture! 

5. Use On Doors

Chalkboards are not just for kids anymore! If you’re feeling adventurous, then next time, try turning your regular-sized door into a full-sized chalkboard. Not only can it be used as an easy way to jot down grocery lists and phone messages, but it’s also perfect for marking the kids’ daily accomplishments. Also, you can try hanging up those adorable drawings they love sending home from school on picture day. 

Other Ideas To Try

  • Use a large piece of plywood and paint it to make a creative outdoor side table. 
  • Use chalkboard paint on the inside surface of your front door, so you can write fun messages for friends and family as they arrive at your home.
  • If painting isn’t your thing, or if you are renting an apartment, try applying chalkboard contact paper over cabinets in place instead! Not only is this easy to do but also inexpensive too! 
  • Use chalkboard paint on the outside of your cabinets or pantry.
  • Paint a small wall section behind your sink with chalkboard paint to jot down grocery items you need while cooking.
  • Use chalkboard paint for children’s art, like drawing simple shapes and lines that they can color over again (and again).
  • Turn an old mirror into a blackboard by applying two coats of black chalkboard spray paint. Do it before sticking on decorative paper or fabric using double-sided tape or sticky tack. Then frame!  
Use in the best way
Use in the best way

Bringing It All Together

Chalkboard paint is a fun and creative way to add interest to your home. Your kids will love it, and so will you! It’s also great for making holiday crafts. Follow our ideas for using chalkboard paint in your home. You can also check for steps to prepare a room for painting for further help.