5 Important Tips On How To Choose Great Curtains

One of the most important things that determines the success of any home’s decor is the choice of curtains. Although they might be placed in a very humble position in the house, the impression that they bring about is still extremely striking. In this article, let’s have a look at the 5 very useful tips that everyone can take advantage of to choose the best curtains for their houses.

How to Choose Curtains For Your Home
How to Choose Curtains For Your Home

Differentiate Between Curtains And Drapes

Curtains and Drapes have their typical material characteristics and functions that you need to understand in order to choose the one that your room requires.

Curtains are made of thin, soft fabrics, and it allows sunlight or any source of light to go through quite easily. This is what you need if you are looking for something to ease the light entering the room.

Drapes, on the other hand, are made of thicker, heavier fabrics, and they are the best choice for bedrooms for their perfect ability to block all sources of light. They also cost more than curtains in general, so you can use drapes coupons to save money.

You can actually have both at the same time and use them depending on the situation. Nevertheless, it’s important to know their uses to make sure which one is the one you need.

Choose The Right Color

If you have decided on the curtains’ colors before decorating the whole room, this step would be a lot easier. You just have to choose a good wallpaper design that matches well with the curtains’ colors.

However, curtains are normally one of the last things that you select when it comes to home decorating, and therefore the colors should be chosen with care so that they can go well with other parts of the room.

You can pick colors that are similar to the wall’s color to create a specific vibe and feeling. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the exact same color. You can use the colors in different tones as well.

Instead, if you want to make the window a prominent part of your room, try to go for colors that can create contrasts with the colors of the wall and furniture.

Each style will create a totally different feeling, so make sure that you are crystal clear with your concept from the start.

Select The Right Fabric

In general, all curtains need to be washed every 4-6 months, therefore knowing about the different fabrics and how to clean them is indeed necessary.

Your choice of curtain fabric will determine the way you clean them in the future. Synthetic and cotton curtains do not require frequent maintenance. You can wash them twice a year and by washing machines.

On the other hand, curtains made of wool, sheer, and silk need to be dry cleaned or carefully hand washed in order to maintain their best color and shape condition.

Different Fabrics Have Their Own Pros and Cons
Different Fabrics Have Their Own Pros and Cons

Lined and Unlined Curtains – A Huge Difference

Lined curtains cost more materials to be made, therefore they are very durable. Besides, this choice can also protect the user from outside light better, providing a high level of privacy.

The only downside of lined curtains is the relatively high prices, but you can look for curtain discounts to get more affordable prices.

In contrast, unlined curtains are often thinner, and thus less effective in preventing the light. The material reduction also makes it harder for the dust to stick on the curtains, which is very beneficial to those who are sensitive to dust.

Lined and unlined curtains have their own pros and cons, so if you want to choose the perfect curtains for your room, your preferences should be the priority.

Measure The Ideal Length and Width

Before measuring the length and width of the curtains, you should first decide how high you want the curtains to be hung.

If you want to save money on curtains, or you need more space for other purposes, you can hang your curtains at the same level as the window frame. However, if you want to make your room look taller, consider hanging the curtains above the window frame.

The length should be measured from the hanger to the floor, and then you can add a few more inches for a new, striking look, or simply choose the exact length you have measured for a more classic look.

About the width, there should be 4-6 additional inches on both sides of the curtains, so that they can completely block the light that sneaks in through the sides of the window.

Wrapping Up

Choosing curtains is indeed a very time-consuming step that we should take into account right from the start, so every piece of the puzzle can be perfectly matched. Lowes is a well-known store providing products for improving houses that you can refer to. Hopefully, with the above tips, you will soon be able to choose the best curtains at the best prices, especially with the help of Lowes coupons.