6 Best Storage Ideas for Bathrooms

Living in a small space can be challenging. And the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in homes. It’s not uncommon to have an issue with the storage room when it comes to this area. Luckily, there are several easy methods for organizing your bathroom so you can avoid clutter and keep your items in their proper place!

Storage Ideas for Bathrooms
Storage Ideas for Bathrooms

1. Storage Ladder for Towels

Towel storage is a challenge in many bathrooms. 

Many people opt for storing towels under the sink or on a shelf, but this doesn’t create much space and can leave your towels damp after showering. A better option? Store them vertically with a towel ladder. 

With enough room to hang two bath sheets side by side, you’ll have plenty of room without sacrificing floor space! You could also use one ladder for hand towels and another for washcloths, so they’re both easily accessible when getting ready in the morning or at night before bedtime. You can save on the towel ladder for savings.

2. Wire Basket for Hot Tools

Having a place to organize your makeup and hairstyling tools is essential, but it’s also crucial that the space does not take up much floor room. A wire basket can easily be hung on any wall. So, you’ll never have to worry about bumping into it as you brush your teeth or wash your face at night. You could even use one in the kitchen if you want extra storage there! 

The great thing about using this type of basket is that it’s easy to see all items inside, and many come with different compartments. So small objects don’t get lost between larger ones. Just make sure they’re scorched before storing anything inside: wet sponges and other materials can stain metal over time. Check for discounts on wire baskets for savings.

3. Utilize Under-Sink Space

Your bathroom sink has an abundance of storage space underneath it. 

This area can be wasted in many cases because people don’t know how to maximize the useable depth to fit everything they need within easy reach! A great way to utilize under your sink is with a pull-out drawer. They provide you with more room for storing cotton balls and swabs or any other small objects that might get lost otherwise. 

You could also try using baskets if there isn’t enough clearance from the wall to slide them back and forth when needed. 

4. Use Drawer Organizers

You don’t have to be a professional organizer to make use of drawer organizers. 

These are perfect for storing cotton balls, swabs, or other small objects that might get lost within your bathroom drawers. You could even keep makeup brushes inside them, so they’re always upright rather than lying on their sides. It can cause bristles to become misshapen over time! 

The best part about using this method is that it takes up little room compared with many other storage cabinets and requires minimal effort from those who wish to organize themselves. You can check for offers on drawer organizers for savings.

5. Try Magnetic Strip for Pins

If you use bobby pins but never seem to be able to find them when in your bathroom, it might be time to invest in a magnetic strip! You could even put one on both sides if needed as they are very lightweight. Just make sure not to hang anything nearby so that the magnets don’t damage any other objects such as credit cards or cell phones! 

Utilize the space
Utilize the space

6. Label Bins for Small Essentials

If you have many small items that need to be organized, it might be best to use plastic bins or baskets. 

It can save you time when looking for specific items since they’re all marked and easy to read without having to dig around inside them. You could also label these with what needs to go into each one, so everyone in the family knows where everything belongs. 

It is beneficial if someone other than yourself will regularly use your bathroom, such as guests staying over at your house! 

Summing Up

Storage is a big issue in the bathroom. With so many products and supplies, it can be challenging to keep everything organized. But with our storage ideas, you’ll never have to worry about clutter again! You can also check for popular bathroom countertop materials for further help.