6 Creative Gazebo Design Ideas To Transform Your Backyard

Gazebos are a popular option for outdoor living because they provide protection from the sun, shelter from the rain, and create an intimate space. But what if you want to get creative with your gazebo? We’ve compiled some elegant designs to inspire you!

Gazebo design ideas
Gazebo design ideas

1. Santa Barbara Mediterranean

This design has a very bold look using dark stained wood with arches and urns. It is arranged in an octagonal shape with eight sides, so it fits nicely into its corner space and adds some symmetry to the yard or patio area. There are three layers of roofing that move from short to tall as you look up at this pavilion. 

  • Each level has more windows than the one below for maximum light exposure no matter what time of day or season it is outside. 
  • It would be a great spot for hosting parties by the pool because there’s plenty of room for guests to gather inside and out without feeling too crowded. 
  • The floor plan allows everyone plenty of natural lighting while still keeping them protected from the sun, rain, and wind outside.

2. Fully Furnished Gazebo

A fully furnished gazebo makes for a great place to entertain guests. The roof is usually retractable, and it can be outfitted with furniture, including dining sets or sitting areas. It is an excellent option for those who want the entire experience of being outside but do not have time to put together their gazebo. 

This type of shelter offers many comforts such as electricity and furniture, which allows you to enjoy your stay at any hour or day with ease. You can check for coupons on furniture for savings.

Furnished gazebo
Furnished gazebo

3. Lily Pond Gazebo

In this gazebo design, the triangular shape of the roof is echoed in the arching posts and beams. The woodwork also has a natural feel with its muted grey tone accented by bright white upholstery for an inviting look. The layout reflects a classic style with room to sit at either side or along both long edges. 

  • It is behind small pedestals topped by lamps for reading light. Check for deals on lamps for savings.
  • A high back extends from one end all around across two shorter ends where it meets tufted cushions. Hence, adding comfort while creating a cozy corner space. Check for discounts on cushions for savings.
  • This lovely outdoor retreat features benches built into arches within its four columns. 
  • Hence, offering additional sitting options when you want more than just sun lounging on the ample cushions adorning this gazebo.
  • The design also features half walls at either end, creating two separate spaces within its single room. But still maintaining that sense of openness with only slatted side panels below the roofline.

4. Jenna Bayer

The Jenna Bayer-style outdoor sitting area is perfect for entertaining friends and family because it provides more seating options than lounge chairs under the sun or starry sky. A high back built onto each bench along one long edge adds extra comfort. Also, three freestanding lamps are placed to light up group conversation areas without relying solely upon overhead lighting.

5. Poolside Gazebo

The poolside gazebo design doesn’t have to be built for just pools. This one is perfect for playing games or reading while the sun sets over the horizon, too. A skylight in this gazebo’s roof lets you enjoy stargazing on a clear night but also allows natural light into the room during daylight hours without being shadowed by its sloped shape.

Poolside gazebo
Poolside gazebo

6. Asian Serenity

This Asian-style outdoor living space features open beams accented with thick crosspieces and four columns at each corner. Hence, continuing the theme of vertical solid supports within an octagon-shaped structure complete with rectangular windows.

Lovely addition to any backyard landscape, this gazebo is charming and functional for enjoying outdoor living no matter the weather. The slatted side panels are perfect for when you want to watch the rainfall outside while still enjoying conversation with friends.

Summing Up

Gazebos are elegant structures that can be used for a variety of purposes. They provide shade, make the perfect outdoor living room, and even double as an observatory! Gazebo designs come in many shapes and sizes. Follow our ideas to transform your backyard into a beautiful garden retreat. You can also check for the best swimming pool designs for the best combination.