6 Creative Tips to Wear Hair Accessories To Add Sparkle

Hair accessories are a great way to add some flair and personality to your look. They’re also the perfect finishing touch for any outfit! But, they can be tricky to wear. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can wear hair accessories in the most flattering way possible!

Wearing Hair Accessories
Wearing Hair Accessories

Don’t Forget Earrings

When wearing your hair up, don’t forget the earrings! The small detail can make a huge impact. Bring out some color with those earrings or try something new like hoop earrings. It’s all about experimenting and finding what you love best. You can save on earrings through coupons. When wearing earrings, try not to go overboard. One statement piece can often be enough (ear cuffs, chandelier earrings).

Try Clips And Bobby Pins

Some of our favorite pieces for updos include clips, headbands, bobby pins, and chignons. Bobby pins are great when it comes down to creating definition in certain parts of the style and keeping back any loose bits that might be sticking out from underneath an accessory (think bangs). 

Clips offer another way to stay put without feeling too tight on top of your head if you’re going for that messy bun look. You can check for discounts on clips for savings.


Headbands are great when it comes to achieving a perfect ponytail without the tightness of elastic bands, especially if you have fine hair and don’t want your style to fall flat after an hour or two. Chignons also offer a beautiful way to stay put all day with pins secured in place by braids at the nape of your neck. Plus, they’re super easy to take down, which is perfect for those last-minute evening plans! You can check for deals on headbands for savings.

You don’t want to forget your favorite hair accessory when you’re on vacation! Grab an extra one or two so that if anything happens during travel, it’s easy enough for a quick fix in case of any mishaps.

Consider When You’ll Wear It 

If you only have time every so often, then choose an inexpensive option that won’t be too much of a hassle to store in between wearing. Keep in mind that these may not last as long, though! On the other hand, if you can accessorize during the day or night, spend more money towards something with better quality material and even design elements like gems and beads. It could end up being your most precious possession because it will last forever!

Determine What You’re Going For  

If you’re looking to match your outfit or other accessories, then choose a color that matches. If the hair accessory is supposed to be an accent piece on its own, then either find one with colors and patterns that will go well together or pick something more subdued, so it doesn’t draw attention away from the rest of your look. There are various ways of wearing them as well. 

For example, if there’s no part in your hair, place a small clip above the earlobe and slide strands through it (or use bobby pins). You can also add long headbands to keep frizz at bay when you have curly locks. Place one over your forehead and wrapping strands of hair around it. You can also make a short ponytail. Check for coupons on bobby pins for savings.

Have the Best Hair Look
Have the Best Hair Look

Fit Your Personality 

If you’re looking for something fun and carefree, then try hats! They are excellent accessories because they’ll keep the sun out of your eyes while at an outdoor event like a concert or sporting event. You could also wear them indoors if there’s no air conditioning on hand as well, so these will be very useful during summertime! 

On other occasions, we recommend elegant headbands, which have been returning in popularity lately. Some suitable styles include pearl ones with delicate lace detailing or butterflies made from fabric.

Summing Up

Hair accessories are the perfect way to add some flair and fun to your hairstyle. There are many different types of hair accessories you can wear. So be sure to follow our tips about the ways you can wear them! You can also check for a guide to organizing hair accessories for further help!