6 Easy And Best Ways to Heat a Basement

It’s cold outside, and you’re all bundled up in your house, but the basement is still freezing. What do you do? If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then it might be time for a new heating system. There are many different ways to heat their basements: furnaces, electric fireplaces, wood stoves, and more! We’ll go over some of the best ways to heat a basement.

Best Ways to Heat a Basement
Best Ways to Heat a Basement

1. Fireplace

A fireplace is the most traditional way to heat a basement. However, you also have options that are more efficient and energy-friendly than an open flame. Most modern fireplaces can be converted into inserts which provide up to 70% efficiency. A gas insert offers even greater efficiencies (up to 85%) but still provides an authentic look with real flames. 

If you want your basement heated quickly without too much fuss, installing one of these could be right for you! Check for discounts on fireplaces for savings.

For those who prefer something less expensive or would like their heating source outside, consider building a fire pit in your backyard instead. These pits use propane, so they’re easy to use while conveniently located outside your basement door.

2. Wall Heaters

Wall heaters are a popular choice when it comes to heating your basement. A wide range of units can be installed in this area, from electric models that offer instant warmth to hydronic radiant systems for more comfortable and even heat distribution. 

Hydronic wall units use either an open flame or electrical coils to warm up the water going through the tubing system. If you’re looking for something less expensive than hydronic, central forced-air furnaces also work well.

One perk about using heated flooring is that they only require one unit, whereas other types need several different components. Whether you choose electric or hydronic, these work well in basements because they’re resistant to humidity and moisture. You can save on wall heaters through coupons.

3. Radiant Flooring

Radiant floor heating systems work by using hot water to warm your basement. These usually require a boiler and pump. If you choose this option, be sure that your entire room has access to cold water so it can function properly!

An advantage of radiant floors over other types of options is how quickly they heat the area within just ten minutes or less! Furthermore, these are easy for homeowners to install themselves as long as there’s an adequate amount of space in their basements. Be aware, though: if not installed correctly, concrete slabs may crack and shift.

4. Steam or Radiator Heat

If you don’t like open flames but want to use a traditional heating system, consider steam heat. These systems utilize either natural gas or electricity and are very quiet to be disruptive during the night. 

They also offer quick warmth because water is heated up immediately before being circulated throughout your room via pipes. However, one downside about this option is that it requires an electric panel upgrade if there isn’t one already in place.

5. Baseboard Heaters

If you already have an existing electrical panel in place, consider using baseboard heaters. These are smaller than other options but can still provide warmth throughout your basement. Most units do not require any ductwork, which makes them easy to install and affordable for homeowners. 

It works by heating the surrounding air that slowly rises towards the ceiling until it reaches all corners of your room. The biggest downside is that they’re usually less powerful, so they may take a while before warming up the area, significantly larger basements!

Use of heaters
Use of heaters

6. Electric Storage Heaters

If your basement is small and you want something simple, consider electric storage heaters. These units come in either fan-forced or convection styles. But both works well for smaller spaces since they’re meant to fill up less volume than forced air furnaces or baseboard heaters. Check for deals on electric storage heaters for savings.

Wrapping Up

You can heat a basement in many ways, and the best way to do it depends on what you want to accomplish. Follow our insulation methods for a perfect choice for your home. You can also check for the guide to use electric storage heaters for further help.