6 Modern Outdoor Fireplace Ideas – Warm And Cozy

Keeping your house cozy and warm in chilly winters with a practical fireplace seems a tempting idea. But setting it in an outdoor environment, either patio or garden seems complicated. Having different modern outdoor fireplace ideas with an effective installation way on outdoor spaces will serve the best. 

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas
Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Freestanding Electric Fireplace

A freestanding electric fireplace is a top idea to consider when it comes to outdoor heating. They usually come with detachable legs that help them move anywhere in the house you like. You can apply the same with the outdoors as well.

Just carry the freestanding electric fireplace with your friend on the desired spot of heating in the garden. Plug-in, the switch, adjust your settings and enjoy the warm air from the fireplace. The mesmerizing flame effects will also provide ambiance, adding more to the experience.

Also, they’re budget-friendly as compared to other types of fireplaces. You can also save on a freestanding fireplace by using coupons. 

Fire Pits

Fire pits are also an excellent option to consider in terms of outdoor electric fireplaces. They are large and operate on propane or gas. It seems a bit of an unsustainable practice as compared to electric fireplaces. But they are suitable for heating large areas.

They’re also pleasant to look at because of the variety of designs. You can easily choose your fire pit considering the heating output and other functionalities. Do check for safety features as well to ensure the security of your family and children. 

Electric Fire Logs

The fire logs can be included in small outdoor fireplace ideas. They are kind of the fake wood portraying to be burning placed inside a box or crate. They appear to be heating the room through wood-burning, but they operate on electricity.

They’re good to use in the outdoor atmosphere provided a switch is there for the operation. You can easily set them up and enjoy the warming ambiance. Also, they’re great in terms of view. You can easily change their position from room to garden because of the small size. They’re generally affordable, and you can try electric fire log coupons for further savings. 

Fireplace Insert

When it comes to patios and the backyard, a fireplace insert is best to go. They can be inserted in any wall with front vents facing the user. Hence, they are excellent in terms of saving space and versatility. Also, there are multiple options of flame speed and colors in them, making them great in terms of ambiance. 

The timer function and thermostat options are a must to check. The inserts can operate on wood and electricity. The electric ones are a mostly eco-friendly and safe option. You can add them to your wall and enjoy the warming experience. You can check for savings on fireplace insert by discounts and coupons. 

Wood Burning Fireplace

These are traditional fireplaces whose use is decreased these days. The reason is the use of wood from trees which isn’t a sustainable practice. Also, the cleaning and piling up of woods is a hassle that can be easily reduced by using electric fireplaces.

You can try a wood-burning fireplace at your home if you have a compelling opening for them. Their maintenance will be time taking but will be effective in terms of heating. Also, you need to ensure the safety practices for efficient use.

Brick Mantle Fireplace

The use of mantles in the fireplace is also a great idea in terms of decoration. The mantles are available in marble, stone, and brick form to beautify the fireplace experience. The brick ones are most appealing, and you can easily save on a brick mantle fireplace through coupons.  

The process of installing them is also easy. They are just an opening where you can add your fire logs, fireplace insert, or woods. There are plenty of options for your convenience and the beauty of your home. 

Fireplace With Stone Mantle
Fireplace With Stone Mantle

Key Takeaways From Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Hence, that was all about modern outdoor fireplace ideas to stay warm in winters while enjoying the outdoor atmosphere. Either you choose to play with your dog or spend some quality time with your family, you can choose a feasible one among them to solve your worries.