7 Best Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas And Tips To Check

The mantel is essentially a blank canvas for homeowners to create a mood and match a room’s interior. If paired with the right ideas, colors, and other decorating accessories, your mantel will naturally stand out as the room’s focal point. This post will outline and portray the fireplace mantel decor ideas that you can quickly implement in your home. You don’t need a sophisticated understanding of interior design to decorate it perfectly.

Fireplace Mantel Décor Ideas
Fireplace Mantel Décor Ideas

Be Minimal

The minimal design approach will be most elegant for your fireplace mantel. Also, the color choice will matter a lot. The best approach will be using light color pallets with more miniature accessories to give an elegant look. 

You can try fireplace mantel accessories coupons for some savings. It’ll help you to go with an affordable approach during the decoration process. Also, you can try vases and photo albums in this regard.

Rustic Design

The rustic feel with a brick vibe will also serve the best. It will add a contemporary look to your fireplace and make it the focal point of the room. Also, it will serve to enjoy the best ambiance and design of the mantel, along with the warmth from the fireplace.

 A great way to implement it will be the use of brick panels in this regard. They’re affordable and easy to apply on your fireplace mantel. Also, you can save on fireplace brick panels through coupons.

Scandi Vibe

For having a scandi vibe, you can pile up some of your books over the mantel. Also, you can look for some greenery from your garden and use it for decorating your fireplace. You can also look for other literary ideas to add a scandi and modern vibe to your fireplace. It’ll be elegant and beautiful to look at while adding more beauty and appeal to your room and house. 

Use Of Picture Frames

You can also try using the picture frames and collages of your memories over your mantel to decorate it. It’ll be great to save and portray the beautiful memories. Also, you can use photo frames of small and large sizes and add them over your mantel in the form of a beautiful combination.

It’s the most affordable idea involving some of the frames and developing your photos. They are pretty cheap, and you can quickly check for deals on photo frames for an affordable approach.

Use of Picture Frames
Use of Picture Frames

Historic Look

Adding a historic look to your fireplace mantel is pretty easy when it comes to mantel decoration. You can try it by using a brick mantel over a fire log fireplace. It will add a traditional look with a fantastic view of burning flames. 

Also, the flames will be affected, so there will be no chance of fire hazard. Also, the fire logs and brick mantel won’t be expensive and pricey. You can quickly check for brick mantel coupons for some savings.

Mirror Design

Adding a mirror over your fireplace mantel is excellent to consider when it comes to elegant décor. You can try a single large mirror or multiple small mirrors in this regard. Both will reflect your class, and the idea will add an elegant appeal and beauty to your overall lounge or room where the fireplace is placed.

Mirror Design
Mirror Design

Symmetrical Mantel Display

The use of symmetry while thinking of mantel décor is excellent. You can try using a design on one side and creating asymmetry of it with the help of mirrors on the other. For instance, you can try creating a vase symmetry. It will serve to look elegant and beautiful in the room. Also, you can check for relevant stuff like background wallpapers and other relevant accessories to make the fireplace beautiful.

Tips To Follow While Decorating Fireplace Mantel

While decorating a fireplace mantel, you can check for the following tips.

  • Be versatile and check out multiple accessories to choose the compatible one for your room.
  • Make sure that your color theme is elegant and catchy when you look at it.
  • The use of symmetry and making connections will be the best approach.

Wrapping Up

That was all about fireplace mantel décor ideas that you can try. They are great for indoor use. If you’re looking specifically for outdoors, check our outdoor fireplace ideas for the best approach.