7 Creative And Modern Swimming Pool Designs

Summer is finally here, and if you’re looking for a new pool to install in your backyard, you’ll be happy to know that we have compiled some modern swimming pool designs. We’ve got it all, from traditional rectangular pools with cascading waterfalls to unique shapes and sizes!

Swimming Pool Designs
Swimming Pool Designs

Minimalist Design 

The idea incorporates different levels from the entry point around the pool area, creating an intense visual effect using glass flooring or other transparent materials such as acrylic panels and windows. These look very clean and modern while staying in line with the home’s architecture. 

Above-Ground Pool 

In this design concept, a rectangular pool is built at ground level but has no walls to hold water. Instead, it is contained by an acrylic barrier that creates a safe zone around the structure’s perimeter, making sure there are no accidents here! The idea can be carried out in various ways, from simple rectangle shapes to natural stone designs that add more flair to your landscape overall. 


A waterfall feature brings beautiful harmony between nature and the artificial structures being created within it by reflecting its surrounding beauty into another form using flowing waterfalls or bringing up different textures such as rocks for sitting areas etc. These look amazing when lit up, so don’t forget to add a few up-lights here and there! 

Beach Entrance 

The idea incorporates a beach entry point into the pool, usually done by having steps going down from the decking area towards the water. You can also opt for smaller pools that are more of plunge style with lower depths than traditional swimming pools. It adds more fun and luxury to your outdoor experience while making you feel like you’re at an actual private beach without leaving home!

Colored Walls 

Not only do these look great, but they also make your swimming pool stand out from the rest. These can be applied to any design and come in different colors, textures, or patterns!

In-Floor Cleaning Systems 

Installing a cleaning system underneath the surface of the water is easier than you think. It cleans up all dirt through a suction process that sucks everything down into an underground filter making sure things are always sparkling new for extended periods without needing much maintenance work done on them too often. 

The idea makes taking care of your pool super easy while adding more luxury features to its overall appeal! Check for discounts on cleaning systems for savings.

Infinity-Edge Swimming Pool

A modern swimming pool design can be very different from what people have come to expect when they think of a backyard oasis. One of the most popular types is an infinity-edge swimming pool with a seamless transition into the ground, glass walls that offer incredible views, and even heated floors!

Design the Best Pool
Design the Best Pool

Factors To Consider

Swimming Pool Shape 

When designing your pool, one of the first things to think about is what shape will work best. You can choose between circular or oval pools as well as free-form shapes like kidney and L-shaped designs.

Material Selection 

There are many different materials that you can use for constructing a swimming pool these days. Plastics have become very popular because they last longer than traditional concrete pools while costing less money in the long run. Concrete is still used by most people, though, thanks to its durability and low maintenance requirements!

Design Elements 

If you want an ultra-modern look for your backyard oasis, then consider using geometric design elements around your pool areas, such as angular decking, sharp edges on the pool, and sleek-looking furniture. You can save on furniture through coupons.


One of the best ways to make your backyard oasis look modern is adding lighting around your pool area. You can use underwater lights or even install LED striping along the side of your deck for a dramatic effect at night! Check for deals on LED lights for savings.

Summing Up 

That was all about modern swimming pool design ideas. There are a lot of different styles for swimming pools these days. They have become a way to beat the heat, get some exercise, and relax. Be sure to follow our ideas that you should consider when designing your own pool or updating an older one. You can also check for tips to prime a pool pump for further help.