8 Easy Tips to Organize Your Garage You Must Follow

Do you live in a home with a garage? Is it cluttered and messy, making it hard to find anything when you need it? If so, then this blog post is for you. We will discuss how to organize your garage efficiently that will make everything easy to find.

Organizing Your Garage
Organizing Your Garage

Assign The Spaces

Start by going through everything in the garage one item at a time and decide if it belongs there or not. It goes back to knowing what type of organization system will work best for you. If it’s been sitting unused for more than six months, a good rule of thumb, then maybe put it away until next season? You might also consider donating anything old (or broken) to charity.

Label The Boxes

If you’re using an open shelving system, ensure that the items are neatly stacked in boxes or bins and labeled. So they’re easy to find when needed. Label shelves with categories like “tools” for things like hammers and drills, “gardening supplies” if you have spare hoses and gardening equipment lying around, etc. If there’s anything else specific about what goes on a shelf, then make those labels too! You can save on shelves through coupons.

Use Vertical Storage

Use vertical storage with shelving systems (e.g., pegboard) or attachable shelves for storing items. For example, tools, paint cans, small appliances, and cleaning supplies can be easily reached when needed. Also, they take up less floor area than traditional horizontal storage. Check for coupons on the pegboard for savings.

Throw Out Old Items

One of the best ways to organize a garage is by cleaning up and throwing out old items that you no longer need. It feels great knowing your space has been decluttered! If you have kids, it’s also important to teach them how and why to throw things away responsibly. So they’ll take care of their clutter in the future. It will help make sure everything is stored neatly while still being accessible when needed.

Use Large Shelving Systems

Another one of our favorite tips for organizing a garage is using an extra-large shelving system. Keep in mind that if you don’t want visible storage units on walls or shelves, then these are just perfect. With lots of shelf space, you’ll be able to store items like sports equipment and tools on the bottom shelves. Tools can also go in drawers, which will help keep things organized by type! Check for discounts on large shelving systems for savings.

Decide About Floor Space

Next, decide how much floor space you want to devote to each use area before selecting the tools needed to organize those areas. In this way, everything will fit easily with no wasted spaces (i.e., power sander near workbench). Next, make sure there are plenty of hooks available throughout the garage. They should be placed high enough, so they’re out of children’s reach but low enough so that adults can reach them easily. You can check for deals on hooks for savings.

Check The Door

Determine whether you want your garage doors closed or open; if there’s room for everything. It might make sense to keep one door open at all times. In this way, people will know what’s inside without having to go through obstacles first. It also makes it easier when moving larger objects out of the confined space. Use labels liberally throughout your organized garage, so you don’t overlook anything like spare light bulbs or extra roofing nails!

Use All Storage Space Properly

Take inventory of what you have in your garage. Don’t forget to include the space under vehicles that is often ignored but can provide a lot of storage if appropriately utilized. You may also wish to list all items by type and location, such as lawn equipment at the back left corner.

Assign spaces
Assign spaces

Summing Up

A garage is a place for cars, tools, and lawn equipment. In some cases, it’s also where you store your holiday decorations or the bicycles that don’t get used very often. The garage can be a mess! With our simple tricks, you’ll learn how to organize your garage with just a little bit of effort. You can also check for tips to insulate the garage for further help!