8 Easy Wedding Games Anyone Can Play

Wedding games are an essential part of any reception. They help break the ice, provide entertainment for guests, and create fun memories that will last a lifetime. There are many different types of games to choose from, but this blog post will focus on eight wedding games that anyone can play!

Easy Wedding Games
Easy Wedding Games

1. Yardzee

This game is the perfect addition to your outdoor wedding reception. Players take turns pitching wooden discs at a target on the ground, trying not to hit any of their opponents’ pieces or fall short of the target. It’s similar to horseshoes and can be played with as few as two people or up to large groups! You can save on wooden discs through coupons.

2. Giant Jenga

This game is a massive hit at weddings! Set up the tower in an area where guests will see it and let them know that they can help take pieces out of this giant wooden Jenga. The goal is simple: remove one piece at a time without causing the tower to fall. You may want extra parts on hand if players get stuck or need more support when taking their turn. Check for deals on wooden Jenga for savings.

3. Cornhole

This yard game is a staple for outdoor weddings. Players take turns throwing bags filled with corn or beans at a target on the other side of the playing board, and they get points based on where their bag lands. Two people can also play the classic American pastime if you want it to be more intimate!

4. Photo Booth

Create memories that will last forever in your very own wedding photo booth! You’ll find props like mustaches, hats, signs, boas, and glasses inside this prop box alongside camera printouts so guests can snap pictures as souvenirs. 

Set up an area where family members will have easy access to one another during pictures, maybe right outside of your ceremony space? And don’t forget to include a backdrop so guests will have something fun and unique to take photos in front of!

5. Kubb

This yard game is similar to horseshoes, but players throw wooden sticks instead. Different rules may be applied depending on where you live. Ask your wedding planner for more info if this sounds interesting to you. As long as there’s an open space outside with grass or dirt (or even sand!), it can easily be played at most outdoor weddings!

6. Bingo 

There isn’t much equipment for bingo: all you need is the cards themselves and markers for each guest playing along. Players mark off numbers called out by the caller until they get three in a row, which signifies victory. This game can be played with up to 100 people, so it’s perfect for larger parties! You can check for discounts on bingo cards for savings.


7. Flamingo Ring Toss

You’ll want some extra materials like water bottles or something similar that guests can use as rings for this wedding game. Arrange them on the ground at different angles and tell your friends they’re trying to toss their ring onto a bottle. Whoever gets closest wins, simple enough! Now you need some flamingo props, or even regular ones will do!

8. Marry Me Marbles

Since the beginning of time, marbles have been an excellent game for children and adults to play together. This is one that everyone who comes to your wedding can enjoy playing, and you don’t even need any special equipment. Guests may know how to play already. 

If not, it’s super-easy! Just make sure they know what the goal of the game is: whoever knocks out more or all their opponent’s marbles wins. You might also want some “good sportsmanship only” rules such as no hitting an opponent with another marble directly from above.

Summing Up

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. One way to get the most out of your big day is by providing entertainment for your guests. You don’t have to spend days coming up with games or activities that only you will enjoy. There is plenty of fun and entertaining wedding games that anyone can play! You can also check for carnival games for family festivals for further help.