8 Simple And Creative Tips To Decorate Open Shelves

Are you tired of seeing your open shelves every day? Do they seem uninviting and dull? It’s time to get creative with how you decorate them. This blog post will discuss some simple and innovative ways to help make your open shelving look attractive.

Decorating Open Shelves
Decorating Open Shelves

Frame Your Shelves

It is a great way to create an exciting look on the wall that has open shelving. You can frame different items such as artwork, pictures of family members or friends, and other memorabilia you want to display across your shelves. Framing will add color, texture, depth, and dimension to any space!

Use It For Your Entertainment

Are you hosting a get-together? Don’t let the open shelving go to waste by not using them! You can place everything you need in one space, such as movies, books, magazines, and so on. In this way, when guests arrive, they won’t have to search high and low for looking. Everything will be located right there at their fingertips!

Add Books

Part of the beauty of open shelving is that you can see all your stuff. But it doesn’t always mean that every item needs to be on view. For example, books make lovely accents to an otherwise dull wall. And if you want more than one row of shelves? Stack them! It’s a great way to take advantage of vertical space and create some extra storage too.

Add Plants

One of the best ways to take advantage of this type of design is by adding plants trailing vines down the shelves. You can also add string lights or fairy lights for ambiance during evening hours, all while using vertical space without taking up any flooring area.

Fill With Knickknacks

Fill your shelf with knickknacks like candles and sculptures to maximize space. Even if they’re just small items, this will make them seem less cluttered. You could also use one main item as decoration, such as a vase filled with silk flowers or a candle holder where a different color represents each day. You can save on candle holders for savings.

Add a Mirror

Use a mirror to create the illusion of more, larger spaces. A large floor-length or wall-mounted mirror can make an empty room feel like it is twice its size. Use smaller pieces for visual interest in small rooms and when you need light reflection on dark walls. Be sure to clean your mirrors regularly, as streaks or dust will reduce their effectiveness over time! Check for discounts on mirrors for savings.

Add Lamps

Lamps are one of the most versatile accessories. With a lamp, your shelf can be used as an ambient light source for reading in bed or relaxing on the sofa after dinner with family and friends. Choose lamps to match the décor style you have chosen. It can be modern, Scandinavian chic, or vintage-inspired glamour!

You also might want to consider adding some plants along with your new lampshade. If you don’t already have green things near your window where natural sunlight is available throughout the day. You can check for coupons on lamps for savings.

Add Decorative Objects

When looking to decorate shelves, you might want to consider adding decorative objects that add interest and depth. Displaying a collection of books or unique pottery with the rare plant for some greenery can be more than enough in small flats without much space. Check for deals on decorative accessories for savings.

Don’t Leave Empty
Don’t Leave Empty

Other Tips To Follow

  • Add plants and flowers 
  • Hang up artwork or photos 
  • Put on an exciting display of books or toys that can create the illusion of higher shelves 
  • Use lighting fixtures in the room for another source of ambient light 
  • Add color! If you’ve got a neutral background like white walls, add pops of color through pillows, blankets on furniture, bookshelves filled with colorful books.
  • Use large objects as decoration such as plants or sculptures 
  • Hang up photos from memorable trips down memory lane for an even more personal touch 
  • Fill your open shelving units with dishes and other items used every day.

Wrapping Up

That was all about decorating an open shelf. You can stack books, buy a decorative vase, or even place a series of photos of your favorite memories on your shelves. It’s up to your choice. You can also check to decorate a shelf in the living room.