A Beginner’s Guide For Buying A Printer

Getting a document in hard copy either for business or home purposes requires a printer with good features. But you can be fooled by the advertisements and fancy-looking machines. Also, going with the brand cannot be the best bet because your requirements can be different.

Be Vigilant While Choosing Printers
Be Vigilant While Choosing Printers

In-Depth Printer Buying Guide

Buying a printer guide is essential to help you out in making the right decision. You need to consider all the factors that help in the efficient working of a printer.

Choose A Purpose

First of all, you need to determine your demands regarding the use of printers. It would help if you clarified that either it’ll be for home, photography, or office purposes. 

  • For home use purposes, you can try a simple inkjet printer. It will help you in the simple printing of your planners, scrapbook, or assignments of your children. If you want a fax option included, try a 4-in-1 printer.
  • For business, bulk printing is usually required. You can check the laser printers in this regard. Their cost in printing a single page is comparatively low as compared to others.
  • For photography, a photo printer is best in terms of adding beauty to your images.
  • For students, a medium-range inkjet printer will serve the purpose of printing papers from mobile or tablet.

So, decide your purpose and proceed accordingly.

Select The Perfect Type

According to your demands, choose the perfect type of printer. 

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are versatile ones, allowing you to print any size you like. For example, you can design your cookbook and take out a print. Also, you can try planners, envelopes and other things. It will also provide you the facility of Photostat and scanning. The high-end ones will also let you fax. 

Laser Printers 

The laser printers are best for small and large businesses. They have a low cost in printing paper because of toner used instead of ink. Static electricity is used in this regard. To further reduce your cost, you can try a black and white printer instead of a color one. 

Photo Printers

On the creative side, photo printers can print diverse images, allowing you to produce vibrant colors. You can instantly bring out your travel trip photos. Some high-end units also allow you to enhance the photos.

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Photo Printer
Photo Printer

Consider The Features

After selecting the type of printer, you need to check for the following essential features.

  • If you’re into bulk work, check the PPM of the printer. It means how many pages a printer can prepare in a minute. The general idea is 15-20 by ordinary printers while 10-15 in color printing.
  • Don’t forget to check the duty cycle, as it will help you analyze the printer’s longevity. More the page printing limit in the month without damage, less is the chance of any hassle. 
  • Check for voice compatibility features as it can add more to your convenience.
  • Check for the replacement ink bottles, as it’s affordable in case of inkjet printers.
  • Must check for the copying, scanning, and fax option in a printer. A 4-in-1 usually seems best.
  • Check for the duplexing feature as it will prevent the turning issue when printing from both sides. It saves the time required in re-feeding and adds a more comfortable experience. 

You can alter the features depending on your needs. But don’t compromise on longevity for choosing the best one. 

Check The Connectivity Options

While proceeding further in the printer buying guide, the way of connectivity is also essential. The available options in this regard include:

  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • WIFI
  • NFC
  • Cloud Printing
  • WIFI-Direct

The WIFI and cloud option is generally available in most printers, but you can check for further options according to your need.

Look For Toner And Ink

You need to check that either the printer uses ink or toner while printing. Toner is usually budget-friendly, but ink provides more vibrant results. It is primarily dependent on the type of printer, and you can prioritize your needs.

Bringing It All Together

Hence, that was all about a printer guide to choose the best one depending on your needs. You must look for all the required features to prevent any hassle. The printer buying guide will help you out in making the right choice.