Cleaning 2021: A Complete Guide To Choosing A Good Robot Vacuum Cleaner

To adapt to the nowadays busy lifestyle, a lot of people are trying to save their time on doing household chores, and cleaning is one of them. It leads to the rapid increase in the use of robot vacuum cleaners – a very efficient tool for cleaning. However, not all of them are reliable, and knowing how to choose a robot vacuum is really important. In this article, I’m going to show you a correct guide that will help you to make the best decision.

How to Choose a Robot Vacuum
How to Choose a Robot Vacuum

Know Your House

There is a wide range of Robot Vacuum Cleaner designs and models on the market, and each of them is suitable for different terrains.

You should note down how many levels your house is, and whether or not there are a lot of obstacles in the house.

Besides, having a carpet in the room might also have a relatively huge impact on how you make your decision as well.

If you have a pet, there will be more things to be considered. Pets normally shed a lot, and it will be very hard for basic Robot Vacuum Cleaners to clean them completely.

You need to literally take into account all these aspects in order to choose the perfect match for your house.

Select Suitable Type

Robot Vacuum and Robot Mop are the 2 main types that are available on the market, and each of them performs best in particular situations and terrains. If you have already done your research about your house, then it’s time to choose the right Robot Vacuum type.

Robot Vacuums are the most basic and familiar type for you to buy, and this type can perform really well on almost all terrain. It also has a strong ability to suck dust from carpet and pets’ fur around the house relatively effectively.

Robot Mops work the same way with Robot Vacuum. However, they have another additional ability to spray or drip water to help clean stubborn stains. Nevertheless, this is definitely not a good one for carpets, so you should consider it carefully before getting one of this type.

Important Features

Even though a regular vacuum is rather effective and affordable, especially when you use vacuum cleaner coupons, these outstanding features are still something that makes a robot vacuum cleaner the go-to choice.

Stair Detection

This is a very basic yet really important feature that you need to check in person when buying robot vacuum cleaners for the first time. A standard robot has to be able to realize the edges of stairs and avoid them so that there won’t be any unwanted damage.

Time Programing

This is an additional function of most high-end Robot Vacuum, which allows users to set particular times and schedules for the robot to do the cleaning. This will be a very convenient feature if you are often away from home.


This feature helps the Robot Vacuum Cleaner to find the way back to the charger automatically whenever its battery is low. Similarly, make sure your choice includes this function if you are not at home frequently.

Consider These Important Features Carefully
Consider These Important Features Carefully

Battery Life

Battery life is actually not much of a problem when it comes to the best robot vacuum, but if you are living in a really large house and you want the cleaning process to be as smooth as possible, you should go for one with long battery life.

Robot vacuum cleaners’ batteries normally last for about an hour, which is enough in most cases. There are also many other modern designs that offer around 2 hours, which is more than enough for cleaning large houses and offices.

Consider Smart Robot Vacuum

In fact, most recently-made robot vacuum cleaners are smart ones, and they often go with compatible applications that connect to the robots wirelessly and help you to control them remotely with some basic actions.

These apps are indeed very versatile with the abilities to do from basic manipulations such as turning the machine on/off, checking battery status to adjusting the cleaning schedule, or checking cleaning history.

With the help of these controlling apps, monitoring the cleaning process will be a lot more at hand. It is also a good tool to keep you informed if there is any sudden problem or error occurring. You can use robot vacuum coupons to get a high-quality one at the best price

Bottom Line

Apart from the rubbish that you need to know how to recycle properly yourself, it’s always more comfortable to have a tool to help us do those time-consuming cleaning stuff. By referring to the useful guides mentioned above, you will be equipped with enough knowledge and understanding of the important traits of a robot vacuum, from then choosing the best robot vacuum for your house.