Cleaning Nail Art Brushes After Use – Easy Tips To Follow

Nail art is a popular trend right now, but the brushes are one of the most neglected parts of the process. Most nail artists don’t take care to clean their brushes between clients or after use. It can lead to bacterial buildup, which will make your client sick and give you an infection too! Here are some tips for cleaning your nail art brush properly so that you won’t have any problems with germs.

Cleaning Nail Art Brushes
Cleaning Nail Art Brushes

Use Paper Towel

Take your brushes out of the bowl and place them on a paper towel to dry for an hour or so. The acetone in the nail polish remover helps dissolve all of that puffy soap stuff off of your brush hairs, leaving you with super clean nail art brushes. You can save on paper towels through coupons.

Try Nail Polish Remover

Use a small amount of nail polish remover on the brush to clean it. Rinse out all of the soapy water from your bowl. Fill it back up with fresh warm water and some acetone-free nail polish remover (optional step). Then dunk all of your brushes into this bowl. Check for coupons on nail polish removers for savings.

Use Water And Soap

If none of these things work for you, try using water and soap in addition to or instead of nail polish remover if needed. Just be careful not to get them too wet since they will need time to dry before reusing them later. 

You can place them upside down so that all excess moisture drips outwards from the bristles when you’re looking for somewhere to lay them flat until they are done drying up completely. This way, they won’t leave behind puddles where you place them, and they will absorb too much liquid and become challenging to use.

Don’t Use The Brush Again Without Cleaning

If you only have one set of brushes, it’s best not to use the brush with paint on another client without cleaning it first or washing your hands between clients as well. It may seem like common sense, but accidents happen all the time.

  • So make sure that everyone is aware of how important this step is before moving forward! 
  • Otherwise, if two people are working in a salon together, separate these tools among course yourself 
  • Do it instead of sharing everyone else’s since you don’t want anyone getting sick from germs being spread around either way. 
  • You can also buy extra pairs just for multiple users who work at the same place, but make sure you keep them in a clean and closed container. Check for deals on nail art brushes for savings.

Try Baking Soda

If your brushes get too dirty for the nail polish remover or soap method to work appropriately anymore, try using baking soda. Make a paste out of it by adding water and scrubbing with an old toothbrush if necessary. 

You can also add some vinegar into that mix, which will help disinfect everything even further since bacteria don’t particularly enjoy acidic conditions very much at all! 

Just use whatever works best for you from personal experience alone when doing so otherwise, test different options on separate pieces of paper before actually going ahead and trying these things on your existing tools unless they are made entirely of metal instead.

Use Dish Soap

If you don’t have any of these things on hand, use some dish soap instead! It might not work quite as well, but it will still get the job done if that is all that’s available to you. You can also try using a sponge or cloth in addition to whatever else works best for your purposes. You can check for discounts on dish soap for savings.

Clean Well
Clean Well

Bringing It All Together

Nail art brushes are the perfect tool for creating beautiful nail designs. However, it can be challenging to clean them after use. Use our tips to make sure that you’re not spreading germs and bacteria with your dirty brush!