Comparison – 2 Way Vs. 3 Way Speakers

When it comes to car audio, taking two-way and three-way speakers into account is the most obvious choice for the best sound experience. But what is the actual difference between them and how they work? Which speakers should we opt for? The users most commonly ask these questions. 

In the AV landscape, both types are best for providing the best sound experience to the users. But, their use and features are different. So is the case of use. If you’re looking for new speakers for cars, do check for car speakers discounts through coupons.

2-way vs. 3-way speakers
2-way vs. 3-way speakers

Two-Way Speakers

In two-way speakers, there are two speakers within a single unit that are meant to provide the sounds of different frequencies. They can be high or low. In two-way speakers, two types of drivers are present. They are called tweeters and woofers. 

For low-frequency sounds, a woofer is best. The tweeter is made for sounds of high frequency. These types of speakers are usually expensive because of their high-quality sound output. But, you can have some savings at two-way speakers through coupons.

Three-Way Speakers

In three-way speakers, three loudspeakers are meant for different purposes. The three speakers present are meant for producing the sound of different frequencies. They include high, mid, and low range. The versatility in frequency is a great plus in three-way speakers.

There are three types of drivers in three-way speakers. They include woofers, tweeters, and mid-range. The woofer is meant for low-frequency sounds, tweeter for high-frequency sounds, and mid one for intermediate range. They are capable of producing a clear voice according to your demand.

Also, they are fully optimized to cater to the demands of the users. They can run in a particular range. Therefore, it will be a good idea to make a precise sound. Their prices are also high due to clear and precise sound production. You can quickly check for three-way speaker coupons for some savings.

What Should You Choose?

You might be giving priority to three-way speakers over two-way speakers because of the presence of an extra unit. It’s pretty natural, but you can’t judge the quality based on the number of speakers. There are undoubtedly other factors that you need to consider while choosing between three-way speakers and two-way speakers. The factors include:

  • Set-up Of Crossover
  • Quality Of Components
  • Design Of Cabinet
  • Speaker Matching

It would be best if you analyzed these factors for making the final decision about the choice of speakers. They are crucial to consider. If you find them expensive, try to save on speakers by use of coupons. You can save some bucks through this method.

Pros And Cons About The Two-Way Speaker

The perks of two-way speakers include simple crossover and the low cost of the speaker. Also, they are of small size and can amplify the powerful signals. The system of speakers is also focused on these types of speakers. If you’re ideally looking for bookshelf speakers, they’re best to go.

But the detailing in the voice is more minor. The bass is mid-range. Therefore a prominent speaker can’t be constructed. Also, the difference level between high and low frequency is dependent on the size and frequency of the speakers. In the case of middle-range frequencies, the two-way speakers will serve the best.

Two-Way Speaker
Two-Way Speaker

Pros And Cons About The Three-Way Speaker

The three-way speakers are best in terms of versatility and proper frequency adjustment of the speaker. The speakers are usually capable of producing the frequency of the low, mid, and high range. It will entirely depend on the need of the user and the performance of components.

The adaptation rate to music is also reasonable in three-way speakers. The distortion levels are low even if the pressure of sound is high. The downside of these speakers is the designing system. There is a phase problem which brings issues in clarity of sound. Also, they’re a bit difficult to install as compared to two-way speakers.

Three-Way Speaker
Three-Way Speaker

Bringing It All Together

That was all about the differences between two-way and three-way speakers. The choice of speakers is dependent on your choice and crossover setup. Also, the quality of components matters a lot for making a wise speaker decision.