Crazy Horse Leather- An Ultimate Guide (2021)

In this article, we will talk about crazy horse leather that is currently trending in marketplaces. Let’s get answers to the related queries! 

Crazy Horse Leather- An Ultimate Guide
Crazy Horse Leather- An Ultimate Guide

What is Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy horse leather is popular for its durability, strength (toughness), and charming appearance. Its most popular use is in the saddle-making industry.

Why is it called crazy horse leather?

The first thought that comes to mind after hearing its name is that crazy horse leather originates from the skin of a horse, well! That’s wrong. 

Crazy horse leather is known as saddler leather and has origin from cow’s leather type. Almost all saddleries love this leather due to its extraordinary features. 

What are the benefits of crazy horse leather?

These benefits of crazy horse leather enable it to stand out compared to other types of leather available in the market.

  • Manufacturing of different products:

The natural beauty of crazy horse leather is used for making bumps, wallets, bags, or shoes. You can find some best deals on cowboy shoes and  crazy horse leather deals, if you are looking to buy.

  • Resistant towards environmental factors: 

The wax or oil layer helps to protect the fibers of leather from water and other liquids. Crazy horse leather also has more ability to withstand mold, liquids, insects, sunlight, and liquids as compared to other types of leathers. 

  • Durability: 

With a little care, you can use crazy horse leather products for decades (almost for 30 years) without any change in attractiveness and reliability.

As the crazy horse leather is obtained from a noble area of the animal so it has a long lifespan naturally and even becomes more appealing as time passes.

What Are The Benefits Of Crazy Horse Leather
What Are The Benefits Of Crazy Horse Leather
  • Vintage or rustic appearance:

The appearance of the leather modifies over time as the wax can modify the color of leather a little bit and may make it rusty or vintage-looking. However, the quality of inner fiber remains intact. 

  • Full-grain leather is used:

Full-grain leather is the most natural and luxurious form of leather in the world being popular for handling extreme environmental conditions. 

How crazy horse leather is made?

Crazy horse leather is built from cowhide (full grain). Cowhide is the best type of natural leather on the globe. 

A layer of natural wax is spread over the leather and then the manufacturers polish it to give it a smooth and rich finish. 

After polishing, the color of leather can also be changed into any desired color. The color change is always permanent and becomes more antique over time. 

This makes the finest type of leather for you that is crazy horse leather!

Will crazy horse leather change over time?

Crazy horse leather is known to maintain its rustic appearance over time. However, you may feel that scratches are appearing on the surface of the leather. 

So, these scratches may show a little difference in the original color. This occurs due to the regular usage of leather but don’t you worry, this leather is still popular for daily usage with retaining itself in the best form. 

Why does crazy horse leather feel wet and look scratchy?

When a small layer of wax is applied to the surface of leather, it makes it a little wet. It also creates little rub and scratches that result in a vintage look. The scratchy areas change the shade of color over time that’s why crazy horse leather reflects a vintage look.

Crazy Horse Leather Feel Wet And Look Scratchy
Crazy Horse Leather Feel Wet And Look Scratchy

Should you buy crazy horse leather?

You should buy crazy horse leather if you want durable, water-resistant, rugged or vintage-looking, and high-quality leather. You can find the best ways of making your shoes waterproof.

You cannot beat crazy horse leather by other types of leathers in these best features. If you are planning to buy any leather product, you should go for crazy horse leather, there is no other better option than this. 

What are the disadvantages of crazy horse leather?

There are not many serious disadvantages of crazy horse leather, however, it depends on how you take these:

  • You should properly care about any product made from crazy horse leather. Apply some fresh wax on the surface of the leather after some time. If you don’t apply the wax after some time, the leather may lose its appearance. In some cases, the mold may grow if you leave crazy horse leather for years without applying some wax over some time.
  • For some people, crazy horse leather is sometimes unpleasant to touch, as it feels somewhat like “wet” or “damp”.