Effective Tips For Dog Bed Cleaning

Cleaning your dog’s bed is the most important part to keep dirt and germs away. It is also necessary from the health perspective. If you’re a pet owner and have specified bed space for your dog, it’s time to clean it effectively without making a mess for the health of your family and dog.

The cleaning process will depend on the condition of your dog’s bed. It is best to clean both the cover and inside bed part because germs can reside inside and cause diseases. 

Dog Bed Cleaning
Dog Bed Cleaning

Cleaning Of Dog Bed Cover

Most of the dog beds come with a removable cover that makes the cleaning process pretty easy. You can easily remove the outer bed cover, place it in laundry, add the detergent and wash it off properly. But make sure to check the conditions by the manufacturer before doing this process.

 In the other case, if the machine wash option is not available, you can clean it without it. The process will include the following steps:

  • First of all, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any visible dirt from the bed cover of the dog. It can include the fur or any food particles during the eating process.
  • Then, use a water tub, fill it with water and add some baking soda in it. Place the cover inside it and soak for some time.
  • You can use a stain removal in case of any stains and rub it well to clean them. Try stain cleaner coupons for effective savings in this regard.
  • After proper cleaning, rinse it well and leave it in sunlight or outdoor place for drying. 

Cleaning Of Dog Bed Without A Cover

Though the cover can protect the inner bedding, the bacteria and germs can still reside inside it. Therefore, it is important to effectively clean it. Following steps can be beneficial in this regard.

  1. Use A Vacuum Cleaner

The dog bed usually has spaces between the padding and other stuff. Therefore, the vacuuming process can be a bit difficult. But you need to use a vacuum cleaner and clean the top, bottom and edges with it. Make sure to reach for deep places where there is a chance of dirt.

You can also try using a brush for removing dirt and then vacuuming it. A good quality vacuum cleaner can easily serve the purpose and you can try saving on vacuum cleaners for effective results.

  1. Try Enzyme Cleaner 

Sometimes, the stains of dirty dog paws or waste might be left on the dog bedding. It is essential to remove them properly for proper hygiene. An enzyme cleaner will be effective to use in this regard for clearing out the stains.

You can use the enzyme cleaner along with a towel to effectively remove the stains. Make sure to clean it well. You can also get deals on enzyme cleaners through coupons for savings.

  1. Use of Detergent And Baking Soda

After removing the stains, you can use the detergent or baking soda for proper cleaning of the dog bed. It will depend on the bedding conditions and you can check the manufacturer label to prevent any damage to bed. Also, use a large tub for this purpose and clean the bed accordingly with detergent or baking soda.

Be Vigilant While Cleaning
Be Vigilant While Cleaning
  1. Gentle Scrubbing

For effective cleaning, it is important to soak the bed for some time in the soapy water. It will help to remove any bacteria or dirt present. Then you can scrub it gently for effective cleaning. Make sure to clean it well so that your dog enjoys a good indoor playing time in bed.

  1. Rinse And Dry

After scrubbing, you can rinse off the bedding. Make sure to remove the maximum water you can. For drying purposes, you can use a dryer as well. Also, check the label about the drying process. If the dryer can’t be used, wring it in the sunlight for proper drying.

Wrapping Up

That was all about dog bed cleaning. The process is pretty simple including the physical dirt removal, stain removal and use of detergents or organic products for washing. Also, if you’re looking to buy a new bedding, check for discounts on dog bedding for savings.