Eight Inexpensive Things Before Noon

Eight Inexpensive Things Before Noon

It will be helpful for you to save money if you are a morning person. So if you shop early, here are the Inexpensive Things Before Noon.

1. Gas


You will be capable of saving money on the gas just if you get up at the crack of dawn. The ideal time to buy gas is late at night and just before dawn. During the rush hours, the gas stations increase their prices. So, you have to avoid going to the gas station at these times.

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2. Movie tickets

Movie tickets

The prices of movie tickets vary based on theater chain and location. Though, you can see the movies at a low cost if the theater is offering a pre-matinee. According to the retail and shopping analyst Meaghan Brophy, generally, low-price tickets are available on the weekdays. Several theaters offer a discount for the early tickets. Jacob Lunduski, a financial industry analyst, added that it is also worth checking out your local theaters, as they frequently run early bird promotions and special deals.

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3. Electricity


As per the Environmental Defense Fund, it will be helpful for you to save money on the bills if you use electricity in the off-peak hours, also including in the morning. Specific off-peak and peak hours vary. However, generally the electricity peaks in the late afternoon rather than in the early morning. So, to save money on the bills, you have to use laundry and dishwashers early in the morning at lower rates.

4. Rideshares


Although surcharges occur wherever and whenever there is a demand for rides, the most valuable time to ride consistently is during rush hour. Brophy claims that you can avoid the high prices by having a flexible schedule. Ride-healing apps will be costly during the morning commute hours; typically, off-peak hours begin about 11 am. However, if you are flexible with time, wait until the late morning and call Uber to evade the surge pricing.

5. Test prep and tutors

Test prep and tutors

According to a certified CPA and author of the AIS-CPA, Kenneth Boyd, someone looking for the test preparations can deal with the early morning session before noon. The tutors offer less price for decongesting the schedule for the evening hours when everybody looks to get a lesson after school or work. Even the offer doesn’t include it; you will be able to negotiate it with your tutor directly if they can easily arrange meetings before the afternoon.

6. Ticketed events

Ticketed events

The art galleries and museums provide discounts and early-bird specials on admission in off-hours. However, according to Brophy, the most popular time for visiting museums is in the afternoon, even on the weekends, so you have to visit a museum in the morning to have a chance to get a discount on the entry.

7. Flights


According to the CheapAir study, Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days of the week. To avoid spending most of your money, you have to buy the tickets before noon. According to the personal finance website founder Dustyn Fergus, it is important to get up early to get cheaper airfare. Moreover, it is popular wisdom in the community of travel hacking that you will have a better deal on the flight if you go before noon. Though it is not true for all times, there are instances where it will not work. It often seems that you will save if you book early in the morning instead of later in the day. According to the US News and World Report, the early morning flights are the cheapest ones.

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8. Haircut


The ideal time for a haircut throughout the week is before noon. As per the Brit + Co report, the prices rise about 3 pm. Moreover, the NetCredit research shows that getting a haircut in the morning is also good for other reasons like attitude. The hairdressers are not much stressed in the morning, which can make them more attentive.