Fashion Basics: Classic Accessories For Everyone

Have you ever peeked inside your closet and had the sinking feeling that something was missing? Like, some fashion essentials that you can’t quite put your finger on? If this happens frequently, you generally don’t need new clothes; instead, you could refresh your accessories.

The accessory is the closet’s hardest-working fashion essential for most budget fashionistas. When you have the appropriate accessories, even the most ordinary clothing may be transformed into a fashionable ensemble. The only thing standing between you and an amazing wardrobe may be a unique vintage item or a wonderfully adaptable purse.

Furthermore, relying on accessories to bear the weight of your style saves you money. This is because you might wear the same item many times each week. As a result, even high-end designer shoes should have a lower cost-per-wear than a luxury shirt you’ll only wear once a month.

Here are six must-have accessories. (If you already had all of them, congrats – you’re a style icon.)

6 must-have fashion basics

Signature jewelry

Assuming you are over the age of 23, you should have one or two distinctive pieces of jewelry that you wear regularly. Having a go-to item simplifies your daily routine while also reinforcing your own “brand” with your social group (IRL or online).

Signature Jewelry
Signature Jewelry

Your trademark item might be a bracelet, stud earrings, a necklace, or a ring — but it’s usually composed of gold, silver, or platinum. This is because costume jewelry does not often withstand the rigors of daily wear.

You may save money by purchasing secondhand jewelry or raiding Grandma’s jewelry box. In any case, if your selected piece is made of valuable metal, it should have a long life ahead of it. It may even become an heirloom piece that you pass down to future generations. That significantly reduces the cost-per-wear!

Shoes that last

We’ve all bought a pair of inexpensive sneakers that only last a season. Those have a place. But I’m a fan of a nice pair of traditionally fashioned shoes, even if they’re a little pricey.

I’m referring to Gucci loafers or Sergio Rossi boots. As long as the style isn’t overly fashionable, these should last a long time (and also become part of your signature accessory collection).

One or two handbags

A classic handbag that you like enhances your confidence no matter what you’re wearing.

One or two Handbags
One or two Handbags

Most of us want to carry at least two beautiful purses – a spacious day bag and a more exquisite evening bag. If you can locate a backpack that can perform both duties, that’s fantastic.

A designer purse has more style than a no-name one but resists the temptation to buy knockoffs. T.J. Maxx has a large selection of designer handbags for sale. You may also get quite an attractive no-name or mid-range bag. Either option is preferable to a forgery.

Try Etsy for something one-of-a-kind, or Macy’s deals for a more classic look.

Sunglasses that flatter

Big, bright sunglasses were my defining item a few years ago. I never left the house without a pair. You don’t have to take your sunglasses seriously, but it’s good to have a pair or two that genuinely complement your features. Furthermore, black lenses might conceal the fact that you didn’t feel like putting on mascara and liner on any particular day.


Sunglasses That Flatter
Sunglasses That Flatter

Here are some hints for determining your facial shape. You may also discover online programs that will take a picture of your face and identify its form — for example, the try-on option at Zenni Optical. Once you’ve determined your face shape, you’ll be able to locate appealing sunglasses at any price point.

Fun scarves

A lightweight, colorful scarf is another stylish must. This item will be useful in any climate. When it’s too hot to put anything around your neck, wrap a scarf over your hair or around your bags for an added touch of flair. In the winter, instead of a necklace, grab a colorful scarf to give warmth and color to your sweaters and long-sleeved shirts.

Lightweight scarves may be found on Amazon for approximately $10 per piece.

Extra style points from the weekender

If you’re a jet-setting fashionista, having a fashionable weekender bag on hand will come in handy. A bad-looking (or simply plain) travel bag may ruin an outfit. Of course, this is coming from someone who occasionally wears heels to the airport, so you may disagree.

Extra Style Points From the Weekender
Extra Style Points From the Weekender

Still, I believe you’ll find that a stylish weekender bag adds a particular touch to every vacation. Look for a bag with a strong zipper and a strap that you may wear by your side or over your shoulder. It should be large enough to hold two clothes as well as your cosmetic routine, yet compact enough to fit in the overhead compartment of an aircraft.

Vera Bradley’s flowery weekender bags are well-known, but I love the Beis and Everlane weekenders. My Everlane weekender has traveled across the country in the previous five years and exhibits no signs of wear and tear.


So there you have it – fashion essentials to refresh your wardrobe and put an end to the sense that something is lacking from your closet. Mix and match these vintage accessories to create whole new outfits!