First Time Home Buyer’s Guide

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Buying a home for the first time can be a difficult process if you have no guidelines. It is confusing in a normal situation and worse in a pandemic when nobody joins you to search for a home at a comfortable location. However, we decided to write an article that contains tips and guidelines while purchasing a home. The method of buying a property is the same everywhere. You understand some vital points and make a plot and structure in your mind according to your comfort.

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We are sharing ten steps here that you should focus on when purchasing a home.

Ten Beneficial Steps to Buy the Home First Time 

What is your credit score – most beneficial step for buying a home 

What is your Credit Score - Most Beneficial Step for Buying a Home
What is your Credit Score – Most Beneficial Step for Buying a Home 

Check your report of credit before allowing the lender to see your credit score. Credit report calculates the Vantage and FICO score of your credit. Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are three agencies working to create credit reports.

  • Vantage score 

This score appears on the website of consumer-facing credit checks. It is not similar to the FICO score. It has no work in checking your credit limits.

  • FICO Score

The lender takes this score to check your credit limits. Fair Isaac & Co. calculate this score.

The following factors influence your score when you try to improve it before buying a home.

  • Previous payments/history
  • Age of credit history
  • Total credit
  • Credit type
  • Latest credit

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Check your debt and decide what you can afford

Check your Debt and Decide What you Can Afford
Check your Debt and Decide What you Can Afford

The lender will inform you about the details of your money and the amount that you can get. Consider the yearly and monthly budget and down payments, so you can decide how much you can buy.

Contact with a real estate agent

Contact with a Real Estate Agent
Contact with a Real Estate Agent

A professional and honest real estate agent is a blessing if you find one. It is beneficial for the new buyers. Most people contact them and get complete information. 85% of buyers contact agents to search for the best located home. You may find it costly because when you successfully purchase the home, you have to pay commission.

Get pre-approval 

Get Pre-Approval
Get Pre-Approval 

Lenders will assess your financial health by evaluating

  • Income statements, like W2s, 1099s
  • Tax returns
  • Assets that include bank accounts, retirement/pension accounts
  • Debts are having monthly expenses such as mortgages, student loans, and credit cards.
  • Record of bankruptcies/foreclosures.
  • Current rent
  • Child support payments
  • Alimony payment

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Start your searching for a better home

Start your Searching for a Better Home
Start your Searching for a Better Home

Online home search is a great way to start your searching process. You can start your search for homes online by using Zillow to look up listings in the area you want. Then, refine it by price and what amenities are important to you. Your agent will be able to send over new prospects as well.

Create an offer 

Create an Offer
Create an Offer 

When you find your dream home, create an offer. Your offer should be based on CMA. You can use the CMA as a baseline when determining your offer price, but remember to leave room for negotiation depending on how many other homes in your area are selling for. A CMA or comparative market analysis calculates the current market value based on similar current sales in your same region.

Inspection schedule 

Inspection Schedule
Inspection Schedule 

Ensure you’re getting what you pay for and not being scammed into purchasing something with major underlying issues. An inspection contingency and completing a thorough home inspection are essential before the closing day arrives. Your real estate agent should be able to provide recommendations and recommend trustworthy inspectors from their directory. In addition, they can provide information gathered from reviews by past clients who have used them in the past.

Secure yourself financially 

Secure Yourself Financially
Secure Yourself Financially 

A mortgage is a huge decision, and once you’re approved, it can be hard to stay patient before closing on your new home. Even if pre-approved, some additional steps still need to be taken before receiving the “clear to close” from the lender indicating approval of the purchase.

Buy an insurance policy for homeowners

Buy an Insurance Policy for Homeowners
Buy an Insurance Policy for Homeowners

Before you close on a home, be sure to have proof of homeowners insurance. If you have a home already and want assistance with opening another policy, or if this is your first-time owning property and don’t know where to start, ask an agent for help! Your lender might even be able to coordinate getting the payment set up through your monthly escrow account.

Close and settle in new home 

Close and Settle in New Home
Close and Settle in New Home 

With the sale of your home, now set the services for the new property. For example, you may need to contact a real estate agent regarding HOA responsibilities if buying a condo with an association covering utility costs.