Games To Play With Your Dog – Outdoor And Indoor

Dogs are playful creatures, and they love to spend a lot of time playing different games. You can use dog toys and play outdoor games to spend some quality time with your dog. Also, be vigilant while choosing the toys because several pointed toys are harmful to dogs.

Dog Play Time
Dog Play Time

Indoor Games To Play With Your Dog

During the Covid-19 issue, it might be difficult for you to take your dog outside in a garden and play. These indoor games help a lot in this regard. 

Hidden Treasure

In this game, you can let your buddy find the treat among the several boxes. You need to place the treat in one box and place some other boxes as well. When all boxes are in front of the dog, it’ll be easy to analyze which box has the treat present.

The reason is the excellent ability of smell in dogs. They can quickly identify the odors, and you can reward them with the treat inside the box. You can also use customized treasure boxes in this regard. 


You can also play hide and seek with your dog inside the house. If your dog is aware of basic obedience commands, he’ll be good at finding you. You need to hide at any place in your house and call your dog. Then persuade him to find you. If he was successful, there would be a great sense of achievement. 

Hot & Cold Game

The hot and cold game is one of the brain games of the dogs. The word hot and cold refers to the talking tones with the dog. In this game, you need to hide a treat for your dog. Then you’ll use a hot tone if your dog is in the right direction during a cold tone for the opposite scenario. It’ll improve the brain functioning and listening skills of your dog.

Puzzle Games

You can also try puzzles with your dog. Bring some simple puzzles for your dog and ask to solve them. On successful completion, reward him with a treat. There are several types of puzzles available. For instance, some of them require your dog to follow several steps before reaching the final point. It’ll also help in brain coordination and support.

Puzzle Games Are Also A Good Option
Puzzle Games Are Also A Good Option

Outdoor Games To Play With Your Dog

You can also play several games with a dog in your garden. Here are some ideas in this regard.


It is a great game to play with your dog in the garden. You need to throw a tennis ball and ask your dog to pick it up. When the dog will bring the ball back, apply the same process. You can have a fun time with your dog through this game. But be careful in terms of the size of the ball to prevent choking hazards. 

Tug Of War

Tug of War is also an excellent game to play outside with your puppy or dog. You can take a small rope in this regard with a bottle or anything attached at one end. Then you can start pushing while your dog occupies another end.

It’ll be a fun experience for your dog. If your dog is adequately trained, he won’t get aggressive. Also, let the dog win. It’ll create a sense of achievement in him. 


Frisbee can be considered as an extended form of fetch. In this game, you usually throw the object at a long distance and ask your dog to chase. You can start it by using a soft disc. Your dog will run and bring the disk back. In the beginning, you can try for short distances as well.

It will help in the exercise of your dog. Also, the cognitive function will improve while chasing the disk. 

Frisbee Game
Frisbee Game

Water Games

You can also play water games with your dog near the swimming pool. Some breeds of dogs, like French dogs, are unable to swim. So beware in that case. Also, use a swim jacket for your dog to prevent any mishap. Enjoy a good time with your dog in the water.

Summing Up

That was all about the games you can play with your dog. Either the games are indoor or outdoor, you can spend some quality time with your dog. The games help a lot in the exercise and brain functioning of dogs.