Guide To Organize Hair Accessories – 10 Ultimate Tips

Do you have a drawer or some other container that is overflowing with hair accessories? If so, it may be time to take action. The following article will give you different ways to organize your hair accessories and make them easier to find in the future. 

Organizing Hair Accessories
Organizing Hair Accessories

Use Drawer Dividers

Use drawer dividers to divide up the space in a dresser or cabinet. It will allow you to separate hair accessories by type and see them all at once when they are needed. You can save on drawer dividers through coupons.

Store Relevant Items Together

Storing your hair accessories with other items that have similar shapes can make it easier to find what you’re looking for quickly—for example, storing bobby pins next to safety pins. You may want to consider purchasing containers from an office supply store if this works well for you.

Try Using Jars

If the packaging is still visible on any hair accessories, try using jars or bins to hold small objects like bobby pins. A cake pan also makes a great container!  In this way, everything has its place and doesn’t get lost. Check for coupons on jars for savings.

Use a tray for more extensive hair accessories, such as clips and barrettes. In this way, you can store them in one place or even on your vanity!

Arrange All The Containers

Arrange all of the containers so that they are within arm’s reach from where you get ready each morning.  It will make it easier to find what you’re looking for without having to search through an entire drawer full of items.

Create A Recycling System

Create a recycling system with your old hair accessories. Instead of throwing them away when they break, try gluing or sewing together any broken pieces into new creations. You may be able to fix something that was never damaged before, like turning two bobby pins into one longer pin! Give yourself at least 30 minutes per week to create new hair accessories from old ones.

Use A Basket

Use a basket for smaller hair accessories, such as pins and clips. Keep the rest of your makeup in this area to organize it all!  In this way, you can store them in one place or even on your vanity! Check for deals on baskets for savings.

Share Full Containers

Share any containers that are still full with friends who have similar needs. It is great if they live nearby or share clothes sizes with you. You’ll both save space without having to buy anything extra! Organize a giveaway bin where people can take items free of charge when needed – like safety pins, bobby pins, headbands, etc. If someone wants something specific but doesn’t need much, offer up what’s left after organizing everything else. 

Label Containers

Label containers with numbers or letters so that everything is easy to find quickly! You may also consider making an organizational list on your computer if this works better for you.

Store Frequently Used Items Nearby

Store the most frequently used items in plain sight or on top of dressers/nightstands where they will be convenient when needed. Items like bobby pins should be kept together near mirrors if possible. So that they’re easily accessible while doing makeup or styling hair around the mirror area. Check for discounts on bobby pins for savings.

Store Nearby
Store Nearby

About Infrequently Used Items

Store the more infrequently used items in bottom drawers or at least on a lower shelf. So they are less accessible and therefore not as tempting to grab when you’re rushed in the mornings. Items like elastics should be stored together with other hair accessories that have similar uses. 

For example, barrettes, headbands, bobby pins, etc., rather than by themselves because it will make it easier to find what you need quickly without digging through piles. For example: If your drawer is already full of brushes and comb sets, but there’s still space leftover near the top, store elastics up high while keeping everything else down low where it can get lost among all those brushes.

Summing Up

Do you have a drawer that has hair accessories spilling out at last? The struggle is real. Hair accessories are all over the place, and it’s hard to find what you want when you need it. Be sure to follow our tips for how to organize hair accessories, so you never have to dig through a messy drawer again. Also, check for tips on storing accessories for further help!