Guide To Pros and Cons of Marble Flooring

Marble flooring has become a trendy option for many homeowners because it is beautiful and durable. However, there are some drawbacks to marble flooring that should be considered before you make your final decision. We have outlined both the pros and cons of marble flooring in this blog post so you can decide whether or not it’s right for you!

Guide To Pros and Cons of Marble Flooring

Pros of Marble Flooring

The benefits associated with marble flooring include:

1. Beautiful Look

Marble is very nice-looking material. Because marble flooring is made out of stone, it can be aesthetically pleasing. While this might not seem like a benefit, it is because the more durable something is, the longer you will get to use it before needing to replace or repair any damages that have occurred. 

There are very few issues regarding staining and scratching with marble flooring, which makes them an excellent choice for busy rooms like front door entrances, etc. You can save on marble flooring through coupons.

2. Low Maintenance Costs

There are low maintenance costs associated with tiling. One great thing about installing marble flooring yourself into your home, if you know how to do so correctly, is that they require minimal upkeep to keep looking their absolute best! 

Other materials used for tiling, including ceramic and porcelain, need to be sealed regularly, which can get quite costly. Marble flooring does not require any filling, meaning that you won’t have to worry about protecting the surface or paying someone else to do it for you! Check for deals on ceramic tiles for savings.

3. Eco-Friendly

Marble is environmentally friendly. One more added benefit is having marble flooring in your home, specifically, if you are working on renovating an older house like many homeowners do these days. It is that they are eco-friendly compared to other materials such as carpet and laminate wood floors. 

It means that there will be fewer harmful chemicals used during the production of the floor tiles themselves, making them a healthier option both for your family and the environment too.

Cons of Marble Flooring 

The disadvantages of marble flooring include:

1. High Cost

Marble floors can be costly. Marble flooring is an excellent option for those who have the budget as they are pretty expensive. The initial installation isn’t too pricey, but you will need to consider ongoing maintenance. Also, you should consider re-tiling again in the future if any damages occur, which may rack up costs over time. Check for offers on marble tiles for savings.

Beautiful look
Beautiful look

2. Easy Breakage

They can break easily. You also want to keep in mind having marble installed into your home because it tends to crack more often than other materials used for tiling. It means if something heavy falls onto one area, then there might be issues with staining or, even worse yet, broken pieces! You’ll want someone around to help prevent anything from happening to your marble floors before it can.

3. Cannot Be Used In Moist Areas

Marble cannot be used in wet rooms. Another drawback associated with using a material such as marble for tiling is that they cannot be used where there will be excess moisture. It means you will not want them installed into bathrooms or kitchens, which tend to get very messy and slippery regularly due to the presence of water! 

While this might seem like an obvious rule, many people considering putting down ceramic tiles end up overlooking this detail. It results in having issues later on when renovations need to take place.

While there are certainly both pros and cons involved with getting marble flooring installed, if done correctly, then these issues should never come up, meaning that you’ll enjoy their benefits over time!

Wrapping Up

Marble flooring has been in existence for centuries and is still one of the most popular choices for people who want to add some elegance to their homes. We’ve put together the pros and cons of marble flooring so that you can make an educated decision about whether or not it’s suitable for your home! You can also check for laundry room flooring options for further help.