How to Care for a Straw Hat? 8 Tips To Follow

When you are getting ready to wear your straw hat, you must take some time to care for it. You can follow easy steps to keep your hat looking like new and preserving its durability over the years.

Care for a Straw Hat
Care for a Straw Hat

Don’t Put It Away Wet

Make sure your hat is completely dry before storing it in a box or the back of a closet. If there are some damp spots on the fabric, use an old hairdryer to remove them quickly. It’s also important not to leave hats sitting around for too long after they’ve been worn out because moisture can cause mold and mildew which will break down the fibers very fast. You can save on hairdryers through coupons.

Use Of Vaseline

Put Vaseline onto stiffened straws with your fingers every six months if you wear your hat often during summer days. The sweat builds up into hard-to-remove stains that eat away at straw strands over time, leaving holes in its surface area. Also, check all seams regularly for loosening thread which may need resewing.

Wash With Mild Shampoo

Wash your hat with a mild shampoo or baby shampoo in lukewarm water to remove dirt and grime that has built up over time. Do not rub the fabric roughly, but use careful circular motions instead for removing surface stains while rinsing thoroughly afterward. You can check for coupons on mild shampoo for savings.

To dry it out quickly, stuff newspaper into its crown to retain shape, then balance it on an old magazine stand upside down until all dampness is gone. Then store it somewhere cool and dark where there’s good air circulation so mold spores don’t form inside wet straws, which can make them rotten very fast!

Use Of Vinegar

When washing, vinegar will help remove salt deposits resulting from ocean swims during the summer months if you live near the sea. It prevents the stiffening of straw fibers which tend to tighten up after time due to salt damage. 

The vinegar will also help break down the chemical deposits on straw hats from sweat and dirt. It is due to extended periods of wearing them outdoors in a hot climate, especially during summer months when humidity rises!

Put In Sunshine

If your hat smells musty or mildewed, then leave it outside for at least an hour so sunshine can kill off any mold spores germinating inside. Then, wash it with soap and water as described above. 

If there are some damp spots left after rinsing out shampoo, use a hair drier again until all moisture is gone before stuffing newspaper into its crown while upside down, so the shape doesn’t get flattened too much by gravity pulling on wet straws while they’re drying.

Retain Straw Fibers

Avoid using a hair drier to dry your hat’s interior because heat can cause straw fibers to melt or frizz out of shape permanently. It is by scorching them if you keep the temperature high for too long when drying it inside-out!

Read The Label

Carefully read the label of your straw hat, so you know how best to care for it. Most hats can be washed in cold water, but some may only require dry cleaning or hand washing. If it needs professional cleaning, take it to a cleaner at least once every year, depending on wear and tear. If the label says “Dry Clean Only,” use this method sparingly. Too much heat will ruin the fabric and shape of your hat over time if done excessively.

Care according to label
Care according to label

Remove The Stains

If you spot a stain, cover it with baby powder and let it sit overnight before brushing the powder off again in the morning. Waterproof any stains by rubbing them lightly with wax paper or aluminum foil and letting them rest for an hour. Use a warm iron to remove any remaining residue from your hat afterward. Check for deals on baby powders for savings.

Summing Up

A straw hat is a very versatile piece of clothing. They’re perfect for the summer months and can be worn to work, on vacation, or even out at night! If you’ve invested in one of these hats, take care of it with these hats properly. You can also check for tips to choose hats for your face for further help.