How To Choose A Sleeping Bag For Camping? A Complete Guide

Thinking of going camping and hiking might seem exciting. But the choice of the right accessories during the camping is also essential. During night stay, sleeping bags play an important role. So, they must be chosen wisely according to the season.

Sleeping Bag For Camping
Sleeping Bag For Camping

How To Choose A Sleeping Bag For Camping? 

While choosing a sleeping bag for camping, taking into account the size, temperature rating, fabric and construction are the most important.

Check The Temperature Rating Of A Sleeping Bag

The temperature rating of a sleeping bag determines the atmosphere in which you can use the bag. For instance, a 30-degree bag will cause restlessness when the temperature falls. The temperature variation also depends on the fill between the ground and you to provide a calming experience.  

It would help if you chose the temperature of sleeping depending on your needs. The available options include:

Winter Bag – Temperature ranges from 10 degrees and less

Summer Bag – Temperature ranges from 35 degrees and more

Three-Season bag – Temperature ranges from 15 – 30 degrees

Any mistake in the temperature analysis may lead to shivering or extreme warmth. If you’re unsure about any particular season, choosing a 20 degrees bag will be a great idea. You can allow the air in summers and use extra clothing in winter to make it the best fit.

Note The Type Of Insulation

There are two options available in terms of insulation:

  1. Down Insulation
  2. Synthetic Fill

Concerning camping, the synthetic fill is much better. Here are some reasons:

  • During camping, you might encounter water and other moist surfaces. The synthetic fill will help you in this regard. The warming won’t be affected even if it’s submerged in water.
  • Also, the synthetic fill sleeping bags are budget-friendly.
  • In case of moisture or contact with water, the bag won’t take long to dry. Hence, it will be convenient for the users. 
  • The down fill is most appropriate for backpacking as its weight is low. It also has a significant warming ability. But in terms of camping, synthetic insulation is the best.

If you’re looking for a lightweight camping sleeping bag, you can also try the down fill. But make sure to use a pack liner to prevent water and moisture. 

Check The Shape Of Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bags are available in multiple shapes, and each one has its use. You can choose one that caters to your demands. 

  • For camping purposes, rectangular sleeping bags are the best. They allow you to lay in a natural posture and can be used as a blanket when present in the unzipped form. 
  • The double bags are also great for camping, being best in providing warmth. But they’re most suitable when you need to cut weight and choose a lighter one.
  • Mummy bags are traditional bags having less dead space and efficiency in warming. But they’re a bit uncomfortable because of their shape.
  • The quilts bags can serve as the shape you lay down and move the sleeping bag like a quilt around you.
Variations Of Quilt Bags
Variations Of Quilt Bags

Look For Hoods And Fabric

Hoods are only required for insulation in the winter season. But the appropriate fabric choice is essential. The thin nylon fabric is primarily durable but is costly. Also, you need to check that either the membranes are breathable or waterproof. They’re essential for camping purposes.

If you think about dealing with condensation, check for DWR coating for the camping sleeping bag’s best choice. 

Take Zippers Into Account

Zippers are essential for maintaining insulation in the sleeping bag. Draft tubes can be a good choice in this regard. Also, choose the zipper side based on the basis of your hand movement, i.e., left zipper for right-handed people and vice versa.

Check The Baffles

The baffles include the vertical and horizontal ones:

  1. The bags called in the ship are best for vertical baffles in terms of comfort.
  2. The horizontal baffles provide more versatility in terms of insulation. Hence, they are best for winter camping.

Wrapping Up

That was all about the sleeping bag guide. You can use the bag at night time during camping to prevent mosquitoes and external temperature. Must check the insulation level and temperature rating to cope with the external environment. Also, take special care of the material (nylon), and you’ll be good to go.