How to Choose Hats for Your Face Shape? An Ultimate Guide

Choosing a hat for your face shape can be tricky. There are so many shapes, and it can be hard to know which one is best for you. This blog post will explore different types of hats that are perfect for your particular face shape!

Choosing the Right Hat Shape
Choosing the Right Hat Shape

The Cowboy Hat 

If you have an oval or round-shaped face, this is the perfect option for you as it will balance out any features on your chin line. The style works well with most hair lengths, too, so there’s a wide selection available! You can save on cowboy hats through coupons. 

The Beret

Another popular hat style that can suit many different shapes. If you have an oblong-shaped face, this will balance out your cheek and chin line, making it look shorter than it is! It also looks great with curly hair and features such as sideburns or beards.

The Fedora 

The particular shape is perfect for a square face. The wide brim will soften any angles, and the crown of the hat will balance out your forehead. It might be best to avoid this style if you have long hair, as it could cause some awkward moments when tipping! Check for discounts on Fedora hats for savings.

A Peaked Cap Or Safari Hat 

These hats suit those with circular-shaped faces as they’re great for balancing roundness at the chin line if that’s an issue and make you appear taller too! You can wear these hats in many different styles, so feel free to give them a go even if you don’t think they’ll suit you! Check for coupons on safari hats for savings.

Square Faces

Try a hat with more volume on the top. Hats that are too flat will make your face appear even squarer, so avoid these styles for now! It would be best to try to find hats with features such as wide brims or headbands that can help balance out some of the proportions you might not like about your features.

Round Faces 

Full cheeks and high cheekbones usually characterize a round face. You want to choose a style that is going to be flattering for this type of shape. It’s best if you pick something where your hair isn’t tucked in because showing off those cheekbones would work wonders here! Something like an oversized knit cap (they’re trendy right now!) would work great! Check for deals on knit caps for savings.

Long Faces

A long face appears to be stretched out. Hats can help shorten the look of your features by framing the chin, so it looks less elongated. You also want to find hats with wide brims. They will soften up any angles you may have in your jawline or cheekbones and create a more balanced effect overall.

Choose as Per Face Shape
Choose as Per Face Shape

Diamond Shaped Face

The face shape has angular lines on both sides, from forehead to mouth, across cheeks, down into a square jaw. The goal here is to soften those lines without adding volume elsewhere. Again, wide brim styles are perfect for this because they’ll frame your face and make it appear softer.

Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face has a pointed chin, narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, and angular jawline. The goal here is to add some volume near the cheeks or lower on your head, so there’s something for people to focus on other than just those more dramatic features. Try hats with lots of details like flowers or feathers around the brim! They’ll draw attention away from any areas you’re worried about while still looking chic.

Square Jaw Face

The type of face shape has strong lines across the square chin area. Think sharp angles in this region rather than soft curves like an oval (or heart) shaped face. With this kind of chiseled face, you want to find something that will soften up the angles. It will create a more flattering appearance. Think about hats with soft shapes like those of large earmuffs or wide-brimmed sunhats!

Summing Up

That was all about choosing the right hat shape as per face shape. Hat shapes come in many different varieties, and it can be challenging to find the right one if you don’t know which shape suits your face. There are famous examples of how choosing the right hat could work well on different face shapes.