How To Choose the Best Garage Floor Tiles?

If you’re in the market for a new garage floor tile, then there are many things to consider before just going out and buying it. Garage floors tend to get a lot of abuse from oil, gas, and other chemicals that spill on them. You want to make sure that your tiles can stand up against this.

This article will walk you through the process of choosing the best garage floor tiles for your needs so that you can rest easy knowing that you have made an informed decision.

Choose the Best Garage Floor Tiles
Choose the Best Garage Floor Tiles

1. Size Of The Tiles

Measure your garage floor before you head out to purchase. 

Different manufacturers manufacture different sized tiles for their product line. So, it is better to check on their sizing chart before making a purchase or measuring them with a tape measure. 

While some may make customizable tile sizes, others limit themselves only up to specific standard measurements, which might not fit in your garage after installation! So be careful and take accurate measurements right at the store itself. You can save on tiles through coupons.

2. Your Needs

Do you need tiles for your garage, or do you want to cover the whole floor? 

If it is only for a section, then go with partial installation. Remember that interlocking design will give more options on where to put them, especially in odd corners and spaces which are otherwise difficult to reach! 

You can also consider tiling some part of the wall, but remember this would further increase the cost. The overhead cabinets will require another layer on top. So if budget is an issue, be careful while choosing what parts of the wall should have tiles. Check for discounts on interlocking tiles for savings.

3. Ease Of Installation 

If you are looking for a DIY job, then choose interlocking tiles instead of loose ones! 

Loose tiles come with an adhesive back, so they stick to the wall. But you have to be very careful while applying it, not just on the floor or wall but also between each tile itself. It is a lot more time-consuming and needs patience. 

The interlocking design comes with the best locking mechanism, making them fit tight against each other without gaps. Even when there are minor variations in level within your garage floor, it will make regular installers run away from the scene, otherwise making their work challenging, especially when you do not want visible seams at all!

4. Cost

Price is one of the crucial factors to consider while choosing the best garage floor tiles. The price should be affordable and within your budget range because if you select an expensive one, it will not only affect your pocket but also make a dent in your wallet.

Also, look at the warranty period offered by different brands. It varies from brand to brand, so make sure you check their terms and conditions before making a final purchase decision! You can check for deals on garage floor tiles for savings.

Choose the best
Choose the best

5. Maintenance

Do not forget to check the warranty conditions for maintenance as well. 

Some tiles have a life expectancy of more than a decade, while some only come with a standard year or two warranties, so before going ahead, read all terms and conditions carefully! Few brands provide a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects too in their product line. So be practical about your choice when considering this factor!

6. Appearance

Finally, do not forget to check the appearance of tiles before making a final purchase! 

Most tiles come in various colors and finishes, so you can choose anything that suits your taste. Also, keep in mind color trends while choosing what might be popular this year or next! There are also a few custom options available for manufacturers that allow their customers to create their design with a combination of different tile materials and effects such as metallic sheen, etc.

But they usually charge a higher price for those things too since it is a lot more time-consuming than usual! So shop around carefully after considering all factors mentioned above.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best floor tiles for your garage can be a difficult decision. There are so many different types, styles, and colors available to choose! Follow our guide to make an informed decision about which type of tile will work best for your needs. You can also check for tips to organize your garage for further help.