How To Choose The Best Scratching Post For Your Cat?

Cats love to scratch because of their instinct. It helps them to remove the dead part from their claws. But what if they scratch your furniture and other valuable stuff? Well, to solve your hassle, scratching posts is best. It would help if you choose them wisely, providing a comfortable experience to your cat. Let’s discuss it in detail. 

How To Choose The Best Scratching Post For Your Cat
How To Choose The Best Scratching Post For Your Cat

Factors to Consider While Choosing A Scratching Post

You might be confused with the questions about what the features of an ideal scratching post are. Well, there are only a few factors you need to consider before choosing the best scratching post for cats.

Height And Tallness

Having a tall scratching post that enables the cat to stretch the body’s muscles is always the best bet. A laying post won’t provide additional perks and can be daunting for your cat as well. But a standing scratching post with considerable height allows the cat the flexibility to move as per choice.

Also, cats love moving and stretching their bodies. A tall scratching post will allow them to exercise, providing additional perks. Generally, the height of at least 31 inches is loved by cats.

Material And Texture

The material and texture of the tube and base of the scratching post also play an essential part. There are various materials available in this regard. Following are the best ones.

  • Sisal fabric is an excellent choice because they provide a satisfying rough experience when the cat scratches.
  • A cardboard scratching post is also a good option because it makes a pleasing noise for cats during scratching. 

Textures To Avoid

  • Try to avoid carpet textures of the scratching post as cats don’t like them.
  • Don’t go with sisal ropes. The sisal fabric is excellent for providing resistance and satisfying motion while scratching. But cats don’t feel good with ropes.


The sturdiness of the scratching post is also essential. Here are some things to consider:

  • If the scratching post is not stable and continues wobbling, it’ll be of no use. Cats don’t like places that are unstable during scratching. (That’s why they love sofas and furniture).
  • Also, the scratching post that wobbles is a little unsafe as it might fall on your cat. If that happens, your cat won’t use it again in the future.
  • The base of the scratching post should be heavy with a tall, sturdy material tube. If the base is flimsy with a rigid material, your cat might get injured due to a fall or scratching post.

So, you must consider a sturdy, thick post for the best results.

Factors to Consider While Choosing A Scratching Post
Factors to Consider While Choosing A Scratching Post

Horizontal Vs. Vertical Surface

Cats usually like to extend their body and scratch on a particular surface. You might have experienced it if your cat has scratched your doors and furniture. Therefore, a vertical scratching post is usually recommended.

  • Helping your cat exercise, a vertical one will help your cat fulfill their urge to scratch. 
  • But we have another excellent idea for you. What if you try a scratching post that is both horizontal and vertical?
  • These types of posts are usually covered with sisal fabric. They allow your cat to scratch either on base or on the tube.

Solid Vs. Hollow Tube

There is a chance of toppling in the case of the solid scratching post. That’s why; you must look for a hollow tube over a thick, sturdy base. 

  • The hollow tube of the scratching post covered with sisal is usually more stable. Hence, ensuring the safety of your cat.
  • The hollow tubes also make a noise when the cat scratches. The cats love the noise.

Use Of Angle Scratchers

What if you try an angled scratching post with other ones? These types of posts are usually made up of cardboard with an angled area.

  • They will help your cat scratch with various angles, helping to stretch his body.
  • Also, they’re great in terms of paw scratching preventing your household stuff.
  • An arched area is a healthy approach along with a tall one.

Use As Cat Perches

Several scratching posts serve as cat perches as well. The multipurpose use makes them beneficial for the cats. Cats usually mark them as their area and like to spend a lot of time there.

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Wrapping Up

Hence, that was all about choosing the best scratching post for your cat. Must check for all the factors before buying one to ensure the best results. Also, check your space to make the scratching post the best fit. Stay vigilant and enjoy the scratching time of your cat!