How To Clean The Laptop Keyboard? Easy Steps To Follow

The keyboard of the laptop is prone to dust and dirt. If not appropriately cleaned after regular intervals, it will lead to dirt build-up and will become grimy. There can be several reasons for dirt that can be your fingers or dusty environment. The accidental food issues and spills can also affect your keyboard.

Cleaning The Laptop Keyboard
Cleaning The Laptop Keyboard

How To Clean Keyboard Of Laptop? 

It is essential to clean your laptop after regular intervals whenever you find it dirty. There are several steps included in this regard. You can use the method in case of any brand of laptop.

Turn Off The Laptop

First of all, you need to shut down your laptop properly. If it’s connected through a charger, unplug it and get ready for cleaning. Though we won’t use any wet methods, shutting down will prevent damage to software and system in case of an accident.

Shake The Laptop

Place your laptop in an upside-down position and shake it gently. Be soft in your actions, and don’t use hard hands. It will help to remove any dirt or dust particles between the keys and on the surface of the keyboard. It’ll be the general cleaning creating a phenomenon for the next steps.

Use Air Compressor

You can use the air compressor with a straw to remove any dirt on keys. The can is quite affordable, and you can easily save on a can of compressed air. You can use different positions of the keyboard to use the compressed air for the cleaning process. But make sure not to use it when the laptop is in an upside-down position. It will cause the dirt to penetrate more profoundly in the keyboard.

Use A Damp Cloth

You can use a damp microfiber cloth for further cleaning of the keys. You can also use lint-free cloth in this regard. The micro-fiber cloth is excellent in catching the dust and grime from the laptop’s surface. Hence, it will be effective for cleaning.

Use Of Isopropyl Alcohol

If the stains on the laptop are tough, you can use isopropyl alcohol in this regard. It’s affordable, and you can quickly get alcoholic cleanser coupons. Don’t use water as it takes time to evaporate and can affect your laptop. The isopropyl alcohol solutions are significant in terms of removing oil from the laptop keyboard. Hence, you can safely use them by slightly dipping in cotton and using it for the keyboard.

You can also use cotton swabs with thin edges to clean the small areas. Dip them in alcoholic solution and go on with cleaning the intricate parts of the laptop keyboard.

Use Of Isopropyl Alcohol
Use Of Isopropyl Alcohol

Use A Disinfecting Wipe

The disinfecting wipes are also an excellent way to remove any bacteria and viruses on the laptop keyboard. They serve the purpose of removing the infectious agents. They are affordable, and you can easily save on disinfecting wipes for keyboard protection. But make sure to avoid the ones having bleach as an ingredient. 

How To Clean Under Laptop Keyboard?

You can also clean under the laptop by removing the keys and cleaning it effectively. It would help if you stayed careful in this process because the wrong way can damage the functioning of your laptop.

  1. First of all, check the model of your laptop and search whether the keys are easy to remove or not.
  2. Please take a picture of the order of keys to prevent any issues while placing them again at the end.
  3. Then, use a flat tool on one side of the keyboard key and gently remove the key.
  4. Make sure not to do it hardly, or it may cause any permanent damage to your laptop.
  5. Remove all the keys one by one and clear the keyboard’s surface to start the cleaning process.
  6. Use a lint or micro-fiber cloth to prevent any damage and effective cleaning of the keys.
  7. Don’t use any liquid as it can seep down and cause issues in hardware.
  8. After cleaning, place the keys back, and you’re done.

Wrapping Up

That was all about how to clean the keyboard of the laptop. We have also explained the method of cleaning under the keys for an effective process. If the laptop is damaged, consider replacing it. You can get one at an affordable price through laptop keyboard coupons. Take care of it properly, and you’ll be good to go.