How To Connect Ps4 To Laptop? 2 Easy Methods

Using a laptop for playing games through Ps4 despite the monitor and TV isn’t straightforward as it seems to be. You might think of using an HDMI cable and connect with both the laptop and Ps4. But this won’t work because the laptop works differently than the monitor. However, the graphics are affected while using Ps4 on the laptop. But you can try laptops from notable brands to get your work done. 

Connecting PS4 With Laptop
Connecting PS4 With Laptop

Why Can’t You Connect With The Laptop Directly?

The HDMI ports on both laptop and Ps4 are output ports. It means that they are intended to receive the data. The connection can’t be made until there is an input port for receiving. Therefore, we have presented methods to use the laptop without a monitor through HDMI and other methods. 

How To Connect Ps4 To Laptop Without TV?

There are two methods to connect the Ps4 to the laptop without a TV. There is a bit of setup required in this regard. It includes: 

  1. Use Of Remote Play App
  2. Use Of HDMI With A Capture Card

You might need some additional accessories like an HDMI cable or video capture card for making a connection. They’re affordable, and you don’t need to worry a lot. Also, you can save on video capture cards through coupons.

Use Of Laptop For PS4 Through Remote Play Program

The first method is a connection through a remote play program. Below are some needs along with a detailed guide for carrying out this procedure:

  • USB cable
  • Laptop
  • Playstation four console
  • Playstation account
  • High-speed internet connection

Steps To Follow

  1. Primarily, Open your laptop and look for a remote play program. It is easy to download it if you’ve got a PS4 account, based on your 32 or 64bit windows or Mac system.
  2. Then run the application and install it correctly. Because of this, the icon will show on your house screen.
  3. Then, open the site of remote play onto your browser and join it. A message in the form of a pop-up will open, and you only have to click “link.”
  4. For using your PS4 games console, proceed into the configurations section and change them accordingly.
  5. If you’ve different systems in your house, you will have to use the main one.
  6. You can also upgrade your accounts to the most recent version through this section.

Joining PS4, Controller, And The Laptop

  1. For linking the PS4, control, and notebook, you’re going to require a USB device. You can also look for USB coupons if you’re thinking of buying a new one.
  2. First of all, connect the USB to the laptop.
  3. Before linking into the controller part, click on your PS button, which will turn your PS4 on, or turn it manually.
  4. When it is switched, plug the other side of this USB in your controller system, and you are prepared to use it after placing your preferences.
  5. In Preferences, you may put the resolution of your choice. The four options are often available. You can also specify the frame speed as standard or high.
  6. Click the “Start” button, and you will be all set!

Use your PS4 even when you’re away from your monitor. You are required to go into your laptop games part as soon as you connect. If you’re having issues with your PS4, try to get a new one by saving on PS4.

Play Games On Your Laptop
Play Games On Your Laptop

Connection Through HDMI Port Through Capture Card

The process of making a connection through HDMI requires a video capture card. If you don’t have one, you can try the capture card coupons for a budget-friendly approach. Here are a few of the needs and step-by-step ways of utilizing the card.

  1. Join the video capture card with your laptop.
  2. A capture card includes a USB port as output and also an HDMI interface as input.
  3. You can connect your laptop to the HDMI port of this capture card and connect the USB port to your switch.
  4. For the proper setup, you may use the Bandicam program for windows. This is a free tool for recording your display.
  5. Now, set the preferences on which you like to play games. You can also try full-screen mode if you’d like.

Wrapping Up

That was all about the laptop’s connection with PS4 through the remote play app and HDMI capture card. You can try these methods to enjoy games on your laptop in the absence of a monitor. Make sure to set up the connections properly, and you’ll be good to go.