How to Fix Paint Drips? 6 Easy Ways

It’s happened to all of us. You are painting a wall, and unexpectedly you drip paint on the floor. It can be an annoying mess to clean up, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! Even if you don’t catch the drips in time, some steps will help fix your problem.

Fix Paint Drips
Fix Paint Drips

1. Use a Hair Dryer

A quick and easy solution is to use a hairdryer. A blow dryer can be used for minor paint drips on furniture. It will heat the area, allowing you to wipe away some wet paint with an old rag or towel without smearing it further across your finished piece. You can save on hairdryers through coupons.

  • For larger areas, like walls that are covered in thick layers of dried paint, grab your trusted hairdryer once again! 
  • Hold it several inches from the wall while pointing at each drip one by one until they disappear. 
  • Allow drying time between dabs as not too much steam should build up before dabbing off excess moisture on top of already perfectly painted surfaces. 
  • After this step is complete, allow the paint to dry for a few hours or overnight before attempting any touch-up work.

2. Use a Pencil Eraser

If you need to remove dried paint from your furniture pieces, it’s time to break out the pencil erasers! You will want to apply pressure with one or two fingers while moving in circular motions over any excess drips on your painted surface. 

It may take some gentle scraping along edges where paint has thickened up slightly. This method works best for small areas like tabletop corners around knobs or legs which can easily be gently rubbed off, leaving no smudge behind whatsoever! 

3. Use a Nail File to Scrape Paint

Another excellent way to remove paint from your furniture pieces is by using an old nail file. The metal should be able to scrape away dried layers of paint without harming finished surfaces underneath while watching dry paint drip right off! 

This method works great on both wood and metal alike. Yet, it will require the longest waiting for excess moisture in wet paints to dry up before being eradicated, leaving no trace. Check for deals on nail files for savings.

If you’re looking to remove drips out of carpeting, a possible idea would be to apply some baby powder into areas where painted walls have left unsightly marks or smudges. Then, sweep it all away with either a broom or dustpan afterward! 

4. Apply Petroleum Jelly

Another trick that is said to work effectively for removing drips or smudges off of painted walls would be petroleum jelly. 

  • To do this, rub it along any areas where you have unwanted paint marks.
  • Then, allow drying time before wiping away with an old rag or towel until they disappear entirely! 

The method works excellent for smaller dabs but isn’t recommended on larger surfaces. The excess moisture will still cause other sections underneath to bleed through, leaving behind a gloppy finish unless allowed ample time to dry up first! 

Fix properly while painting
Fix properly while painting

5. Use a Razor Blade to Remove Paint

For those who have larger areas on their walls that need removing, such as whole sections of paint drips from around the edges, it’s time for some heavy-duty removal using a razor blade. Hold each one firmly between your fingers and carefully slice away any excess wet or dried painted layers.

It works great but may take several passes with fresh blades before removing large amounts at once. So, be careful not to push down too hard while scraping off unwanted marks. Check for discounts on razor blades for savings.

6. Apply Ice to Dried Paint

Another idea that may work is taking ice cubes and rubbing them along any areas where you want dry paint removed. This method works great for getting rid of drips but will require several applications before the excess moisture has dried up enough. You can also use ice in conjunction with baby powder or petroleum jelly if needed, which helps give a little extra boost.

Bringing It All Together

It is not uncommon to see paint drips on walls, even after the painting has been completed. We have provided some helpful tips for fixing these unwanted paint marks. You can also check for directions to remove spray paint for further help.