How to Paint a Metal Front Door? 6 Tips To Follow

Painting your metal front door is a great way to spruce up the exterior of your home. But not all homeowners are confident in their painting abilities, and many steer clear of this type of project because they don’t know what to do. In this blog post, we will discuss several tips that will help you successfully paint a metal door so you can have a beautiful new entryway!

Painting a Metal Front Door
Painting a Metal Front Door

1. Use High-Quality Paint

Use the best quality paint you can afford. High-quality paints contain more pigment and fewer binders, resulting in better coverage with fewer coats. For metal doors, this is especially important because if there’s too much binder or not enough pigment, your door won’t hold up as well to weathering and corrosion from rain, cold, and sun exposure.

Paint manufacturers recommend using their topcoat over lower-grade paints because the low-grade paint may not adhere to it properly. So please do yourself a favor and use what they suggest! It’ll save you time down the road having to repaint after peeling off layers of flaking old paint. 

Whether you use cheap paint or an expensive one, be sure to let it cure for two weeks before painting over with the topcoat. You can save on door paints through coupons.

2. Choose Quality Brushes

In addition, choosing good quality brushes is also very important as they help you get better coverage and finish your project faster! While high-quality paints are more expensive but less time-consuming in terms of having to put on multiple coats. 

There’s not as much binder/paint filler. It means fewer hours spent doing touch-up work after the initial coating has been applied. Check for deals on paintbrushes for savings.

3. Choose The Right Color

The color of your door is an important consideration. You want a friendly, warm tone that looks good with your house’s exterior and interior design scheme. An excellent or light-toned color may look great indoors but might not match those used outside, so keep this in mind when choosing one! 

4. Remove Old Paint

If you are repainting an existing metal front door, then chances are the old paint will be flaking off in some places. You might also find that it has already started to rust or corrode in certain areas, so whatever is left. It should be carefully scraped away with a scraper and wire brush followed by sanding down any rough edges with fine-grade sandpaper until smooth again. 

Be careful not to bear too much pressure on the sander as one wrong move can cause damage, making touch-ups difficult later! After cleaning away all remnants of previous coats of paint, ensure there’s no dust residue nor traces of grease left behind.

5. Use A Primer

Paint won’t stick well to metal surfaces without the use of a primer. The purpose of this is two-fold. Firstly, it provides a good base for your paint, and secondly, it helps form a seal that prevents rust from appearing again later on. It’s best to apply an oil-based primer followed by one or more topcoats with latex paint because these are most effective in protecting your door, making them long-lasting too! 

Oil-based primers have better adhesion to help prevent peeling when exposed to wear and tear caused by weather conditions over time. But if you’re going for just a quick fix, then water-based sprays work fine as well. Check for offers on primers for savings.

6. Use a Paint Sprayer

Use spray paint on your metal front door for the smoothest finish ever! As with anything, practice makes perfect, so keep at it until you get good results. This method is especially effective if you have bare patches or rust to cover up since they can be hard to hide when using standard brushes and rollers, not always but sometimes. 

Another advantage of this technique is that multiple coats are applied faster than by hand, giving better coverage in less time. Check for discounts on paint sprayers for savings.

Paint properly
Paint properly

Summing Up

After a good cleaning, painting a metal front door can be an easy weekend project. Follow our tips for making your job more accessible, and the result looks even better! You can also check for tips to calculate the paint needs for further help.