How To Paint The Wood Furniture? A Complete Guide

With time, wooden furniture like the dresser, side table, or cozy chairs starts getting damaged. They’re not easy to repair, and paint continues stripping regardless of how much effort you can do. Reviving them and bringing them to their original form won’t be an easy task. But effective painting techniques will help them to look new and beautiful.

Painting Of Furniture Using Sprayer
Painting Of Furniture Using Sprayer

How To Paint The Wood Furniture? 7 Easy Steps

Painting the wooden furniture seems tempting but doing it correctly with proper use of paint and sanding method is essential. The seven easy steps will help you out in this regard. 

Strip Off The Old Paint

First of all, you need to remove the already present loose paint on wooden furniture. Effective stripping is essential for effective painting in the later section. Make sure to do it evenly without putting much pressure.

The high pressure increases the chance of wood damage. Also, use the tool in a parallel direction with gentle peeling off the old paint. Take intricate design and edges into account, and be careful in this case for effective stripping.

Sand The Furniture

After completely ripping off the paint, it’s time to sand the wooden furniture. It will help to make the surface even, thus preventing hassles during painting. You can use a sander in this regard. Don’t think that it’ll be expensive. You can easily save on it through sander coupons. In the beginning, try with 80 grit sandpaper. Use it gently and move over the furniture in orbital motion. 

Also, after proper sanding, shift to the 150 grit sandpaper for further cleansing of the surface. If the sander is not available, you can also use sandpaper for this purpose. The effort will be a bit more in this regard. After sanding, clean the wooden furniture properly to make it ready for the painting. 

Proper Sanding Is Essential
Proper Sanding Is Essential

Apply The Primer

After properly preparing the surface, apply a layer of primer over the wooden furniture. It will help the paint to stay and stick effectively on the wood. Use 2-3 coats of primer depending on the color of the furniture. Also, take special care of the drying time as per the label.

Don’t overspray and try to provide an even coat of primer to the furniture. Also, avoid dripping and spray consistently into and fro motion. Also, try to save on primers by using coupons. 

Sand It Again

After the primer is dry, sand it again if you feel an uneven space. Use a fine sander or sandpaper this time with gentle use on furniture. Avoid the pressure as it can affect the coat of the primer. Also, clean it properly after sanding again and get ready for painting your furniture. 

Paint The Furniture

Once the surface of the wooden furniture is ready, you can apply the paint. But you might be worried about what paint to use on wood? The answer is quite simple: you can try high-gloss paint sheens or semi-gloss paints to provide a smooth finish.

These are primarily durable and long-lasting, providing resistance to weathering. Also, you can use spray paints or HVLP sprayers for effective results. You can easily save on spray paints but HVLP sprayers are a bit expensive. Start spraying over the furniture and make it spread the paint evenly.

A nylon bristle brush can also be used for a compelling finish. Also, try to eliminate the drops by backing off the brush and gently move it over the area of interest. Make sure to remove any dust from the furniture before starting the painting. Otherwise, you’ll see fuzz while brushing. 

Coat It Well

During painting, make sure that your coat is even and effective. You can also apply a second coat for a realistic and firm look. Also, try that the overall look remains even without any bumps on the specific area. Then wait for the paint.

Effective Finish Is Important
Effective Finish Is Important

Use A Clear Coat

After coating with paint, you can use a clear coat over the wooden furniture. But make sure that the paint is completely dry before this step. Then you can apply a layer of clear coat. It will give a glossy look and even finish to your wooden furniture. It is affordable and will cost a dollar or more. So, you can easily save on a clear coat as well.

Wrapping Up

That was all about painting wood furniture ideas. The process is pretty simple if you’ll stay vigilant. Just don’t compromise on the quality of paint and even surface texture, and you’ll be good to go!