How to Restuff Couch Cushions? 6 Steps To Follow

Have you ever had a couch cushion that has become flat and uncomfortable? If so, it is time to restuff your couch cushions! This blog post will teach you the easy steps to taking care of those pesky problem-causing cushions.

Restuff Couch Cushions
Restuff Couch Cushions

1. Remove Back Cushions

To restuff couch cushions, you first need to remove the back cushions. Look for a zipper or button closure at the bottom of each pillow and unzip it to open up your sofa’s insides. Check for coupons on couch cushions for savings.

2. Stuff Back Cushions With Poly-fil

The back cushions are the easiest to replace. They do not need any batting and can be stuffed simply with polyester fiberfill. It is like stuffing a pillow and can quickly be done by hand or machine. Be sure to leave an opening at the seam where all of this has been stitched together so that you can remove it later on when placing new covers over the cushion cores.

You should now have two separate pieces for each couch arm, which will become your new back cushions. Please make a note of how they were positioned before removing them because you’ll want those same seams parallel to one another. Check for deals on polyester fiberfill for savings.

3. Remove Seat Cushions

Next, remove the seat cushions. It will be done by simply pulling them out of their slipcovers and then unzipping or unsnapping all seams to separate back from the bottom cushion pieces. 

Now you’ll need to cut both top and bottom pieces off so that they can each fit within your new covers with ease. Be sure to measure carefully before cutting if this is for a replacement cover! Check for discounts on slipcovers for savings.

4. Wrap Internal Foam With Batting

The internal foam pieces should be wrapped in batting before you begin to restuff them back into the slipcovers. It will not only help to cushion and support your new covers, but it will also make replacing these cushions much easier when we get around to that step later on! Once finished, place each piece inside its respective cover and set it aside for now.

You’ll want both top and bottom core components ready within their respective slipcover at this point. So, they’re easy to access when placing all of our newly stuffed parts together again down the road. 

5. Stuff Seat Cushions Back Into Covers

Now it’s time to stuff the seat cushions back into their respective slipcovers. This part can be a little tricky, but you should have no problem if you follow these simple steps! 

  • First off, place your newly wrapped foam core on top of your bottom cushion piece and align all seams so that they are correctly positioned.
  • Next, take some polyester fiberfill (or “poly-fil”) and start by stuffing around the sides where there might not be much batting yet. 
  • Then move towards filling in any gaps across the center seam until everything is nice and firm. Don’t overstuff, or else things could get messy!

Once everything is in place, it’s time for your final step!

6. Replace All Cushions

Now all of your newly stuffed cushions should fit snugly back within their covers like brand new (and if not, well, then go ahead and try again until they do)! Be sure to reattach zippers or snaps before replacing them with couches. Otherwise, things could get messy once again! 

Do it properly
Do it properly

Other Tips To Follow

  • Don’t be afraid to use a lot of Poly-fil.
  • The tighter the cushion, the better it will hold up over time and usage.
  • Use as much or more than you think is necessary for firmness.
  • Don’t worry about using too much. All that matters is how well your final product looks and feels! 
  • You can always take out some stuffing later if there’s room in the cover after reassembly.

Summing Up

It’s easy to forget about your couch cushions, but they are one of the most essential parts of maintaining a clean and comfortable home. When you restuff them, you’ll be able to enjoy them for years instead of months. Follow our steps that will help you get the job done quickly and easily! You can also check for tips to clean the couch pillows for further help.