How To Set Up A Second Monitor? A Complete Guide

Setting up a second monitor along with primary might seem a simple task. But you need to adjust the settings for accurate results. Either your monitor is IPS or LED, you can try the steps, adjust the settings according to your demands, and move forward.

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Dual Monitor Setup
Dual Monitor Setup

How To Set Up A Second Monitor? Steps To Follow

For setting up the second monitor, you need to carry out the following steps to make sure that it is fully compatible with your primary one.

  1. Set Your Primary And Secondary Monitor

First of all, you need to identify which monitor will be the primary and secondary. The proper assigning is necessary for proper functioning.

  • You can go to the display settings of your monitor and check the two big boxes there.
  • The one you’ll select will start acting as the primary monitor, while the other will be the secondary monitor.
  • You can click on the apply button to finish the process.
  1. Set The Resolution Of Your Monitor

The adjustment of resolution is essential for proper viewing of the monitor. While dual monitor setup, you can adjust the resolution by the following method. 

  • Go to the display settings of your PC and select the number.
  • Choose the number of monitors you want to change the settings of. 
  • Click on the advance display settings option present at the bottom of the screen.
  • A new dialogue box will appear that will indicate the settings.
  • You can select the resolution of your choice for a perfect viewing experience.
  1. Check The Display Size Of Monitor

For checking the display size of the monitor, you need to stay careful for proper settings. Any change of settings will lead to issues in display hindering your work. Here are some steps you need to follow.

  • Go to the display settings of your PC and select the monitor number you want to adjust.
  • When you click on multiple displays, a variety of options will appear.
  • They include “duplicate, extend, show only 1, and show only 2”.
  • You’ll select one depending on your display needs for a primary and secondary monitor.
  • Click on apply for saving the results.
  1. Adjust The Position

The position adjustment of the monitor is also essential. Either your monitor is primary or secondary, you need to adjust it well.

  • Select the number of monitors by checking the display settings of the PC.
  • Click on drag and identify for making the changes.
  • After making your desired changes, click on done.

These were some settings you can do for dual monitor setup at windows 10. The process of dual monitor setup is pretty easy if you have enough resources for buying a good monitor. LED monitors are usually good choices in terms of budget. You can also save on LED monitors through coupons.

Required Settings For Dual Monitor Setup
Required Settings For Dual Monitor Setup

How To Improve Your Dual Monitor Setup?

Once you’re done with the settings of the second monitor, it’s time to improve the user experience. You can follow the following tips for making the best setup.

  1. Work On Display Fusion

Working on display fusion of your monitors means ease of use between the two devices. You need to work on keyboard shortcuts, window edges, and inactive monitor setups for the best results.

  1. Cursor Settings

To prevent cursor issues in gaming, you can try specific settings to make your process easier. You can use the option of cursor lock to prevent any hassles in streaming. Also, check for other mouse features to prevent any issues.

  1. Study Shortcuts

In the case of dual monitor setup, shortcuts play an essential role. So, stay vigilant in their case for the best results.

Summing Up

That was all about setting up a second monitor along with the primary one. Either your monitor is IPS or LED, you can follow our method for the best results. You can also have a look at the differences guide between IPS and LED for further clearance.