How to Sharpen Hair Clippers? 7 Easy Ways To Follow

When you have a clipper that is not sharp enough, it can be challenging to cut the hair evenly. This, in turn, will create a lot of frustration and wasted time. This blog post will discuss tips on sharpening your hair clippers, so they give you an even haircut every time!

Sharpening Hair Clippers
Sharpening Hair Clippers

Remove The Blades 

The first thing that you should do when looking to sharpen hair clippers has removed the blades. It allows for easy access and helps get rid of any pressure being put on them, which will prolong their life span. You can also use this time to clean out any excess debris or dirt inside your device, so it doesn’t hurt the sharpening process. Check for offers on hair clippers for savings.

Clean The Blades

Once your hair clippers are removed, you should clean them with a soft cloth and brush to remove any particles that may be stuck on them. If there is excess debris or dirt left behind after cleaning, this can cause issues for your sharpening process. When doing so, make sure not to use water as this will damage your blades.

Use A Heat Gun

You can use either of these two methods to remove the blades. One way is by using an electric heat gun that will loosen up any dirt or debris attached to them, allowing you to pull it off with your hand easily. When doing so, you should make sure not to point the device on top of your hair clippers, as this may damage some parts inside it and cause issues for future usage. Check for deals on heat guns for savings.

Another option is heating water in a bowl then putting one blade into the hot solution at room temperature for about five minutes until it’s loose enough where you can slide out from its casing without issue. 

Apply Solvent

Once the blades are clean, you can apply Solvent or WD-40 to loosen up any dirt that may still be stuck on them. You should only do this if your hair clippers do not come with a blade removal tool. It means there is no way for you to get rid of the old adhesive residue. If it does have one available, you shouldn’t use Solvent as it will damage some parts inside and cause issues in future usage. 

Sharpen Properly
Sharpen Properly

Position Solvent

You can use a soft cloth to apply Solvent or WD-40 onto the blades. You should make sure not to get it directly on top of your hair clippers as this may damage some parts inside and cause issues in future usage. Instead, you need to put the item down flat with no pressure placed on them before applying either one so that nothing prevents the adhesive residue from coming off quickly. 


Once the adhesive residue has been loosened up, you can polish it to make it look shiny again without any blemishes. Do it with a dry soft cloth or towel to ensure that no moisture gets into your hair clippers, as this may cause future issues for usage. 

Electric Knife Sharpener

Hair clippers are often used for home haircuts. They can be costly and take time to complete if you don’t keep them appropriately sharpened. The best way to get the most out of your hair clipper is by regularly sharpening its blades with an electric knife sharpener. You can save on electric knife sharpeners through coupons.

Summing Up

Hair clippers can be an excellent investment for a hairstylist or barber, but they don’t last forever. After a while, the blades get dull and need to be sharpened. If you’ve ever gone down to your local hardware store looking for a way to sharpen hair clippers only to find yourself wandering around with no idea what you’re even supposed to do once you get them home, be sure to follow our tips. You can also check for the guide to look after the hair in winter for further help!