How To Speed Up A Laptop? A Complete Guide

Suppose you’re facing up the lagging issue while gaming or low refresh rates; it might be an indication of disturbance. If your laptop is suddenly performing less with an impact on running the application, check out the following ways to speed up a laptop.

Speed Up A Laptop
Speed Up A Laptop

Uninstall The Unnecessary Softwares

First of all, you need to uninstall all the unnecessary software taking up significant space on your disk drive. You can also consider a new disk drive if you can’t clean it up. The disk drive coupons can help you in this regard.

Discarding the unnecessary programs is usually the best bet. You can go to the start option, then program files and move to the disk cleanup options. Check the applications which are not in use and clean them. It will help in increasing the speed of your laptop, making it faster.

Uninstall The Unnecessary Softwares
Uninstall The Unnecessary Softwares

Limit The Start-Up Programs

You need to update the programs at your taskbar for efficient working. Check for the running applications through the taskbar. Multiple background processes are running when you’re using your laptop.

Some of them are necessary for the efficiency of currently used software. Others are not required and are putting the load on RAM. You need to identify and stop them from preventing any load on your laptop. If done effectively, your laptop speed will boost up.

Check For A Cooling Pad

If your laptop gets heated up while working, its speed and efficiency are reduced, and there are fewer chances for vast functioning. The main reason for heating up is the blockage of vents and holes, which allow heat to move outside.

So, it would help if you positioned the laptop to allow the flow of the heat outside the laptop. You can also use a cooling pad in this regard. They’re usually affordable, and you can also look for savings on laptop cooling pads.

Add More RAM

RAM is the main component responsible for the speed of the laptop. The higher the number, the better is the speed and functioning of your laptop. If you have tried all the ways of boosting up your laptop and failed, the issue might be with your RAM.

Updating your RAM will be a good step in this regard. You can check the RAM of your laptop and look for a better-grade RAM. Also, there is an option of checking RAM coupons for effective saving. You can grab a good deal while shopping online.

Check For Viruses

The viruses or issues in the laptop system might reduce the speed of the laptop. The reason is that a large number of workers will be operating in the background, which will slow down your laptop and divert the attention from the main focus. 

You can also look for malware cleanup software and other antivirus programs to prevent any issue. It will prevent the space take-up by these programs and boost up your laptop. If the virus is severe and affecting your laptop, seek professional help. Make sure not to delay the process, or you might end up losing your files.

Use Of SSD

A solid-state drive is excellent for cleaning a laptop and increases g speed. It helps lower the amount of pressure on the processor and helps boost the apps that you need to move fast. You can efficiently perform your work or games in this way.

In the case of a gaming laptop, the conditions are a bit different. The refresh rates and other metrics of gaming may cause lagging despite the good specs of the laptop. Also, you may need to update the drivers to boost it up. Therefore try to get a good processor, and you can also easily save on SSD for a budget-friendly approach. It will help you to improve the gaming performance of a laptop. 

Summing Up

That was all about some ways that you adopt for speeding up your laptop. The slowing down of laptops might be due to different reasons, including fewer specs, more background apps, and others. Stay vigilant in this regard to make sure the best speed and efficient working of your laptop.