How To Stop A Dog From Barking? A Complete Guide

The dogs have an instinct of barking, and you can’t stop them forcefully. But some dogs bark more than other dogs due to several reasons. It can be a lack of exercise and socialization, or your dog might feel lonely or insecure. Therefore, you need to identify the root cause and treat your pet accordingly to prevent barking.

Some dogs consider barking as a leisure time activity and are difficult to treat. There can be an issue of separation anxiety that leads to barking. You can also consult with a behavioral expert to identify the root cause. 

Dog Barking
Dog Barking

Some tips to prevent the dog from barking include:


Exercise is a great way to distract your dog and stop barking. It can be both in mental and physical terms. You can spend some time with your dog while taking him outside for a walk. It will be a kind of exercise. You can also teach him to stay quiet when you’re not at home. 

You may handover this responsibility to a dog walker to distract your dog when it’s barking time. Gradually, the habit of making noise will reduce, and dogs will adapt to your atmosphere. 


In some dogs, the reason for barking is a lack of socialization. They bark whenever they see a man or any other dog. Any change in surroundings causes them to make noises. But it’s easy to cope with. If your dog is not familiar with people, make it a habit of walking him on the walk regularly. Familiarize him with the people on the way and command him not to bark.

With time, your dog will learn it as a behavior and won’t bark in front of people. You can also train him in this regard to be a better pet of the house. On good behavior, you can award the fog with treats as well. You can also check for the coupons at dog treats for a compelling choice.

Dog Toys And Puzzles

Dog toys and puzzles are also great to use in case of shouting dogs. They will calm the dog down, distracting him towards the playing process. You can provide the stuffed toys to dogs for diverting attention. These are usually safe for the dogs, and you can quickly get dog toy coupons for effective saving. 

But make sure to check the nature of the dogs before choosing the toys. You can also read our guide for practical toy choice. It is essential to choose them wisely for the safety of the dogs. You can also save on dog puzzles through coupons. They’re pretty affordable and helps to prevent dogs from barking.

Use Toys To Prevent Barking
Use Toys To Prevent Barking

Teach “Quiet” Command

You can also teach the quiet command to your dog on barking. It will be an indication of bad manners and prevent the dog from barking in the future. Also, make sure to apply it regularly and familiarize your dog with the command. Hence, it will help to quiet your dog when barking.

Don’t Respond

It is a good strategy not to respond to the barking of dogs. Please wait until your puppy is silent to give them exactly what they need. And make sure you comprehend that the behavior you need, i.e., provide positive reinforcement to your own dog when lying down gently. It will serve as a great initiative to stop the dog from barking.

Manage Their Surroundings

A mutual suggestion by the coaches for dogs to leave the puppy with a few familiar sounds alone, like a radio or TV program. These noises will help to distract the dog from barking. Additionally, you can reduce the chance of encountering the stuff, which can cause aggression and leads to barking.

Summing Up

That was all about how to stop a dog from barking. You need to identify the root cause first and apply the tips afterward. The reasons may vary depending on the behavior and breed of the dog. It can be separation anxiety or less familiarization with people. It would be best if you acted accordingly for a peaceful time with your dog.