How To Use A Charcoal Grill? A Complete Guide

Either you’re new to grilling on a charcoal grill or struggling to maintain the heat for food, the proper knowledge about using is essential. There are certain factors to be considered for building fire and temperature control. You might feel it difficult for the first time, but you’ll get better with time. The process of using a charcoal grill includes the following steps:

Using A Charcoal Grill
Using A Charcoal Grill

Proper Measurement Of Coal

In gas grills, there is a propane or natural gas tank that automatically serves as a fuel source. It releases the gas to light fire when the knob is turned around. The method is convenient, and you can easily save on gas grills.

But the criteria are different for charcoal grill. You need to add a sufficient amount of coal for effective heating and cooking of the food. The briquettes number should be following the type of food you want to cook. You can also add or reduce the coal amount if you have the hinges on the side.

The amount of coal will have a direct effect on the temperature of the food. Some foods like steak and meat require a high temperature, whole chicken requires a low temperature. So, you’ll be acting accordingly in terms of coal. 

Coal Lightening

For lightening up your coal, you can use the chimney starter. There are several chimney starter coupons available to help you in saving money. Also, add the newspaper behind the canister and feed the coals. Then light it and place the grill on the rack. 

After the coals get hot, you need to place them in a bowl. The capacity is 6-quart in the beginning, and you can fill it depending on how you want to use it. Coal lightening is an important step, and you need to stay vigilant for properly heating your food according to the temperature you want. 

Prepare The Grate

Now you need to prepare your grate for cooking purposes. Before starting, effective cleaning is essential to prevent any dirt on the surface. Make sure to clean it well and proceed further. In case of rusting, consider getting a new one. Various grill grate coupons will help you to get one at an affordable price.

After cleaning, grease your grate so that the food doesn’t stick on it. You can use cooking spray or oil with the help of a brush. Then preheat your grate. Install the grate after placing the charcoal and then cover it with the lid. Then wait for preheating of the grate.

Fire Building

The next step is to build a fire for the cooking of food. A large number of coals will produce more fire than a small number, and you can adjust them depending on your needs. But more numbers will also lead to piling up of charcoal, and they will be more close to the food.

For one type of food, use the even distribution of coals. If you’re cooking two dishes side by side, distribute the coal-based on the food requirement. Also, make sure that your grill is of good quality for effective taste. You can also save on charcoal grills through coupons.

Building Fire
Building Fire

Temperature Control

The quantity of fuel and amount of coal you accumulate aren’t the only methods of getting reasonable control of the warmth on your charcoal grill. Along with gas, a fire also requires oxygen.

Most charcoal grills will comprise at least one port on the bottom of the bowl and you on the lid. Therefore you should always grill with the lid.

Grills are made to pull cool air through the air vents on the floor, circulate it around the outside surface, then expel smoke and warm air through the top vents.

The way of air circulation forms the convection effect, which boosts rapid and even cooking, and the lid is intended to ease that airflow. Eliminating it stops the temperature stability.

Summing Up – How To Use A Charcoal Grill

That was all about the use of the charcoal grill and the effective way of heating it. Make sure to follow the steps and check our charcoal grilling for beginners guide to prevent any hassle. Also, choose a good quality grill to enhance the taste of food.