How to Use Gel to Fix Curly Hair? Easy Tips To Follow

The gel is a styling product that can be used to help tame curly hair. A gel is often applied after the hair has been styled with other products, such as mousse or hairspray, and it helps keep the style in place. Using gel over wet curls will give them more definition while drying.

Also, applying gel over dry curls will make them look more defined and shiny while maintaining their hold for days on end. Here are some tips you should know about using gel for your curly hairstyle!

Use Gel to Fix Curly Hair
Use Gel to Fix Curly Hair

Use A Small Amount

Use a small amount of gel or mousse to define your curls instead of using hair spray. For added shine, apply the product by scrunching it into your hair with wet hands. As you do this, keep rotating until all your strands are covered in the gel/mousse. You can check for coupons on gels for savings.

Use Gloves

When applying the gel, don’t forget to use gloves! Oiling up our fingers before pulling through each curl is always recommended since they will become less frizzy and easier for styling when appropriately done without being too much on one area at once. You can check for deals on gloves for savings.

Clean Well

Many people have mixed feelings about whether they should blow-dry their curly tresses after washing them. Some say that doing so can decrease the volume, while others swear by it. Either way, if you want to try blow-drying your hair after washing them, here’s what we recommend:

Take a shower and let the water run through all of your curls until they start loosening up and getting softer. 

  • It is much easier for styling when you don’t have that tight feeling from gel or mousse in there! 
  • After this, apply two pumps (or as much as needed) of heat protectant evenly over each strand.
  • Make sure not to put too much in one place at once so you can avoid having an oily mess afterward. 
  • Then brush it out with a wide-tooth comb while continuing scrunching tiny sections of wet hair towards the roots. 
  • Make sure never to rub curly tresses down because doing so will cause frizz. 
  • Once you’re done with this, it is time to turn on your blow dryer, gently, of course!

Concentrate On Roots First

Start by concentrating heat at the roots first, then move down through each strand that has been scrunched upwards. If needed, use a diffuser for more volume but make sure not to touch the curls too much as they are still damp and fragile. 

After everything has dried up nicely, take out all loose pieces using fingers or a wide-tooth comb if necessary. Your hair should be bouncy, shiny ad well defined after this process so enjoy wearing them in their natural state without worrying about having bad hair days!

Use the Best Products
Use the Best Products

Other Tips To Follow

  • Put on your gloves first before applying the product to your hair. 
  • Make sure that you evenly distribute it throughout all parts of dry or dampened hair. Start at the roots and work towards the tips. 
  • Comb through with a wide-tooth comb, then fluff up using fingers as needed. You can save on wide-tooth combs for savings.
  • You may wish to use hairspray once finished styling if desired. The more layers, the stronger hold will be achieved, so try not to overdo it!
  • It works best when combined with other products, including mousse or curl cream, depending on what kind of look you are going for. 
  • Always make sure that additional products have been applied before using gel.

Summing Up

The gel is a great way to fix frizzy or curly hair quickly. It provides a stronghold, giving the curls more definition and staying power throughout the day. Using gel can also help keep your hairstyle from getting damaged by humidity or other elements, which might cause it to lose shape over time. 

Depending on what kind of look you are going for, there are various types of gel you can choose from. Be sure to follow our tips for the best look. You can also check for a guide to look after your hair in winter for further help.