How To Wash A Sleeping Bag? 3 Easy Ways

The effective cleaning of a sleeping bag is important to prevent the incorporation of dirt. Otherwise, its loft and capacity will be affected. You can wash your sleeping bag with your hand, but it’ll take a lot of effort. Another option can be the use of a big commercial laundry machine.

You don’t need to wash the bag very often. Effective cleaning once a year will be appropriate. Also, if you use the bag more, then twice a year will be fine. Furthermore, don’t dry-clean the bag as it can be damaging, and make sure to keep it in a camp when not in use. 

A Dirty Sleeping Bag
A Dirty Sleeping Bag

How To Wash A Sleeping Bag In A Washing Machine?

While washing a sleeping bag in the washing machine, check either it’s down or synthetic.

Wash The Down Sleeping Bag

  • While washing a down sleeping bag, first look at the instructions given by the company.
  • Then, at Laundromat, use a front-loading washer. Please don’t use a top-loading washer because it can lead to damage because of the agitator.
  • You can also proceed with hand-washing if the washer is not available.
  • To reduce the clumping of the loft, use the option of gear wash.
  • Then, unzip the bag and use warm or cold water, depending on the bag’s instructions.
  • During the cleaning process, make sure you rinse it properly twice to prevent the chance of dirt. Also, it will provide a sack-like feeling in the end.
  • Then, pull the bag outside. Please don’t hold it from one corner but support the whole bag. 

Wash The Synthetic Sleeping Bag

  • The washing instructions are a bit different in the case of synthetic sleeping bags. In the first step, you need to understand the instructions by the manufacturer on the label.
  • Use the same front-loader washer and avoid the top-loader washer because it may cause the bag to entangle.
  • Then, it’s time to use the detergent. Unlike the down sleeping bag, it will need a proper technical cleaner to eliminate the dirt properly.
  • Then, unzip the bag and follow the manuals instructions for washing.
  • Rinse it well and bring out the bag. Make sure not to pull out from one corner. 
Use Of Machine For Cleaning
Use Of Machine For Cleaning

How to Dry Your Sleeping Bag?

After cleaning your down or synthetic sleeping bag, it is time for the drying process in the dryer. The process should be done carefully to avoid any issue with insulation. Otherwise, it’ll affect the temperature settings of the bag.

  1. Use a commercial level dryer because it can accommodate large bags well.
  2. Use the low settings of the heat. Also, make sure to put some tennis balls along with the bag. It’ll help in maintaining the loft.
  3. The high heat setting can affect the nylon material of the bag. So, stay vigilant.
  4. Run 3-4 cycles, ensuring that the bag dries out completely.
  5. You can also place the bag in sunlight directly on a horizontal surface. It’ll be a reasonable effort for proper drying. Also, avoid hanging and putting the load on one side.
  6. You can also let the bag dry overnight to obliterate any chance of moisture. 
Use Low Heat Settings Of Dryer
Use Low Heat Settings Of Dryer

How to Hand Wash a Sleeping Bag?

If the commercial machines are not available, you can hand wash your sleeping bag. The process will be a little bit lengthy and needed effort, but it will end up in the proper cleaning of your sleeping bag. So, you need to carry out the following steps.

  1. Fill your tub with water. The temperature will depend on the manual and your choice of the sleeping bag.
  2. Then add your cleanser and start washing it with gentle rubbing. Avoid excess use because it’ll be difficult to eliminate later.
  3. Gently rub it, and clean of any spots are present. You can use the toothbrush in this regard.
  4. Then leave it for some time in the tub. 
  5. Then rinse it well and try to remove the soap or cleanser. Repeat until it’s removed.
  6. Then dry it in the same manner by using low heat.

Summing Up

That was all about cleaning the sleeping bag. The conditions will differ depending on your type of bag and method of cleaning. So, be sure to check the label properly to prevent any hassle.