Instacart Review: Can It Really Make Grocery Shopping Greater This 2021?

The outbreak of the Covid-19 has made all the things that we used to consider normal become very precious. Even shopping for the necessities to serve our basic needs is also changing to fit the new normal. Online shopping has emerged rapidly as an alternative to conventional shopping, and Instacart is a prominent representative.

So, what do you know about Instacart? And is Instacart really a good solution for shopping online safely? Let’s find out everything together in this Instacart Review today.

Instacart - Is It a Good App To Shop For Groceries Online?
Instacart – Is It a Good App To Shop For Groceries Online?

What Is Instacart?

Instacart is a shopping platform that helps users do their grocery shopping completely online, and the items will be delivered directly to users by an intermediate shopper.

You can do everything on your smartphone or computer with Instacart: selecting items from stores that are in partnership with Instacart, having a Shopper doing all the work for you, keeping you updated with the shopping process, and delivering the items to you.

Instacart is in partnership with more than 40.000 stores in over 5.500 cities across the U.S and Canada. With a wide operation network, Instacart gives users access to more than 500 million products, making it one of the most renowned grocery delivery services at this time.

How Does Instacart Work?

Just as I mentioned, Instacart allows you to make your grocery shopping list on their app, and there will be an intermediate Shopper helping you with the shopping and delivery. However, you have to make sure that Instacart is available in your country before using it. You can try by entering your address or ZIP code on the Instacart website.

Sign Up Online or Download Instacart App

You can do your shopping with Instacart by using either of these 2 forms. When you create an Instacart account, it can be used to sign-in on either the Instacart website or app. The Instacart app is now available in both Android and iOS versions.

Choose Address and Stores

Having an account means that you now can shop comfortably with Instacart. Instacart will ask you to enter your address or the ZIP code. The app will then show you a list of available stores located in that area, and you can choose your favorite store for shopping.

Select Your Favorite Items

You can take your time to select everything that you have planned. It’s possible to change to other stores at any time, but remember that one order can be made with one store only. You should also try to look for grocery discounts as well to save on your shopping.

Get Your Order Ready

In the Check-out section, you can have a final look at your shopping list and make changes if needed. Especially, Instacart allows users to choose alternatives or automatically remove an item if it’s out of stock. The total cost will vary depending on the changes in products.

To finish your order, you now select the delivery time slot that suits you the most, then fill in your payment information. This is where you can leave tips for the Shopper to encourage him/her.

See Real-Time Updates

After your order is done, it’s given to a Shopper, who will help you with all the shopping at stores. While the Shopper is working, Instacart will keep you updated by informing you which items have been picked up. You can even have conversations with your Shopper by texting or email.

Few Simple Steps To Buy Your Groceries Online
Few Simple Steps To Buy Your Groceries Online

What About Pricing?

Instacart offers same-day 2-hour delivery at the price of $3.99 on orders of $35 or higher. Therefore, it’s always better to find ways to save money on groceries to maximize the quantity with $35 only.

In addition to the delivery fee, an amount of 5% (at least $2) of the total cost will be charged as a service fee to maintain the platform.

The delivery fee can be higher depending on the location that the items will be shipped to, the total cost, and the weight of the order.

Instacart Express is a perfect program for people who want to enjoy Instacart services in the long term. By paying $99 per year, you will get free delivery on orders of $35 or higher. You are also allowed to shop with multiple stores for one single order as well.

Summing Up

After careful assessments, it’s now easy to understand why Instacart is considered one of the best apps to buy your groceries online. With a user-friendly interface, together with a variety of store choices, Instacart brings the best shopping experience at a very affordable price. Instacart really deserves a high spot in shopping lovers’ hearts. To save more money with the app, you can look for Instacart promo codes from trustworthy sources.