Installing a Light Fixture: 10 Steps To Follow

Installing a light fixture might seem difficult. It would be best to have essential tools such as a hammer, flat head screwdriver, wire cutters, scissors, needle-nose pliers, and an electric drill. Some devices will not be needed for every project. For your ease, here are ten easy steps that you can follow and install the lights. 

Installing a Light Fixture
Installing a Light Fixture

Find Your Light Fixture And Tools

The first step to installing a light fixture is locating the light fitting that you would like to install in your home or office, as well as the required tools for installation. Make sure you have enough space around the area where you’re planning on installing it so there will be no parts of it hitting any wall fixtures, outlets, switches, or other electrical components when they are installed. 

Also, check for deals on the light fixtures for savings. You’ll also need basic supplies such as wire connectors (replacing an old lamp), screwdrivers, pliers (for cutting wires), and needle-nose pliers. You can easily save on wire connectors through coupons.

Unwrapping The Wiring From Its Cordset Box 

Unwrap wiring from cordset box and pull out wires from inside cable channel – if needed. Next up is unwrapping the wiring from its cordset box. It will also involve pulling out the cables that are inside of a cable channel. You then need to remove any insulation or protective sheathing on those wires, exposing them for connections. 

Thread Wire Through Hole 

Thread the wire through the hole on the fixture and attach the first nut – if needed. If you’re using an installation kit with your light fixture and it comes with nuts and bolts, thread one end of the wire through the hole in the backside of the light’s canopy (where it attaches to the ceiling). 

Then secure by attaching a nut onto this end, so it doesn’t slide off. Repeat process for the second wire coming from the opposite side of fitting as well. Then tighten both screws after tightening nuts down to secure the fixture. Also, check for the discounts on the installation kit for savings.

Connect wires  

You need to loop one through each wire clamp on the back of the fitting and then twisting together tightly with pliers or screwdriver. Also, attach the grounding wire (if required). Double-check all connections before proceeding. Do check for the coupons on the screwdriver for savings.

Tighten Screws And Attach Trim Rings 

Attach trim rings if necessary. This step is optional, but you can do it by placing a free edge over an outer threaded hole in the light canopy and then wrapping the tab around the thread to stay tight while securing a new nut down against the surface for support. Attach the second nut onto another end of both wires and tighten screws again. 

Replace Insulation

Replace any insulation or protective sheathing unless designed for exterior wiring applications because this will protect wires from damage or corrosion. 

Turn The Power Back On

Once the wiring is in place, turn the power back on at your circuit breaker box and test by flipping the light switch to see if it’s working correctly and all connections are intact. If not, fix any errors before proceeding with the installation.

Otherwise, remove pliers or screwdriver from wire clamps and reconnect one of two loose strands as an easy way out (you cut off excess electrical cord later).

Make Proper Connections
Make Proper Connections

Install Mounting Hardware

Mounting hardware can be installed onto the back of the fixture (i.e., screws for mounting). You can do it by driving self-tapping screws through existing holes into the wall surface. Use a metal stud finder to make sure this will work for you! Also, then secure new fixtures against drywall using toggle bolts and anchors (pliable metal strap with a metal screw).

Light Fixture Installation

Once installed, you can decide whether to use traditional light bulb installation or place energy-saving CFLs in fixtures. Using LED bulbs is also much lower wattage than old-fashioned incandescent and won’t require any special socket!

Turn On Your Lights And Enjoy

You’re Done! Turn on your lights & enjoy the new atmosphere created from installing that beautiful light fixture! 

Wrapping Up

That was all about installing a light fixture. Make sure you are in a well-lit area so that if you drop something, it will be easy to find and won’t roll under furniture or other things. Also, check for the method of changing pool lights for further information.