Microlink Hair Extensions Guide – All You Want To Know

Adding volume to hair without waiting for growth and preventing damage to natural hair can be easily achieved through microlink hair extensions. They serve best in adding a beautiful appeal and increasing the length giving an overall best look.

Increase Your Hair Volume
Increase Your Hair Volume

They have different names, including I-tip hair extensions, beaded hair extensions, cold-fusion hair extensions, and nano-ring hair extensions. A detailed guide will help you to understand them properly.

I-Tip Hair Extensions

Starting with their introduction and usage method, microlink/I-tip hair extensions are multiple strands of hair attached to the strands of natural hair. The way of attachment is by using beads installed close to the roots part to give a natural feel.

Once done, no one will differentiate between the extensions and natural hair, provided the color matching is done correctly. It’ll beautifully complement your hair by adding an elegant look.

Cost Of Extensions

The cost of buying microlink hair extensions is not high. With average hair volume, you can attain an expansive feel by using a single packet. Also, you can save on micro-link hair extensions through coupons.

But, apart from buying cost, there is an installation cost as well. You’ll need to get them professionally installed at the salon, which might feel a bit pricey. But they’re worth it. You’ll easily attain voluminous hair for the next 6-7 months without any hassle. Also, you can try coupons for I-tip extensions for an affordable approach.

Way Of Attachment

The way of attaching microlink hair extensions with natural hair is also simple. They won’t cause any damage to your natural hair. But if your real hairs are thin, you need to refrain from these extensions as the chances of hair fall will increase.

They mainly include small micro-beads that are present at the end of the hair extension strand. A strand from your natural hair is passed through the bead, and the bead is clamped near the root. The strands of hair and extension will be combined, leading to an overall best look. The same method is applied to the remaining strands. Due to the presence of multiple strands, the time of application is high, and you’ll need to be patient to get beautiful hair time. 

They’re great for long-term use. For temporary use in the event, you can try clip-in hair extensions. Also, the saving options on the clip-in hair extensions are vast, and you can move quickly with an affordable approach.

Benefits Of Microlink Extension

There are multiple benefits of using beaded hair extensions. Some of them are as follows:

Long-Lasting Extensions

The extensions are best to use in case of long-term use. If cared for properly, they can last for more than 6-8 months. So, with a one-time investment, you can enjoy the beautiful appeal of the hair for a long time. Also, they’ll look beautiful with proper care. You don’t need to worry about appearance. 

No Damage To Real Hair

The extensions are installed by cold fusion technique which doesn’t affect the natural hair. They won’t lead to their weakening and hair fall. Only, there will be a significant increase in the volume with a beautiful look. Also, you can have a great deal if the extensions are made from natural human hair. Though they’re a bit expensive, you can check for discounts on natural hair extensions through coupons.

Beautiful Hair Look

The microlink hair extensions are significant in terms of adding a beautiful look to hair. You’ll feel and enjoy long hair, and no one will be able to identify your extensions. The hidden beads are the most potent perk of these extensions. 

Add Beautiful Look To Hair
Add Beautiful Look To Hair

Caring Tips For Microlink Extensions

As the benefits of I-tip hair extensions are great, the caring requirements of the extension are also high. You need to meet all requirements for elegant appeal.

  • Be sure not to use the comb in the root part and be gentle in dealing with your hair.
  • Don’t clean them frequently and check for build-up and dirt.
  • Don’t rub, pull or toggle and be sure to take assistance from a specialist in case of an issue.

Wrapping Up

That was all about the microlink hair extension guide. If they’re not compatible with your hair, check for the other types of hair extensions to add a beautiful appeal to your hair.