Online Shopping In Covid Pandemic – What Has Changed?

With the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic in different countries, the concept of online shopping was changed entirely. There was a rapid increase in the graph because people tend to order things at home despite moving outside. Also, the ratio of buying health products like face masks and sanitizers increased with a decrease in outdoor products. 

The lockdown ended after some time, but people are still following safety practices and prefer online shopping. 

The Online Shopping Trend Is Changed
The Online Shopping Trend Is Changed

The Concept Of Panic Buying

When Covid was on peak, there was an increase in demand for health-related products. Also, the lockdown was imposed, which created sensitivity and panic in people. They rushed to the online stores and ordered the food and grocery items in bulk which caused a little distress. But with time, the situation becomes better gradually. 

That restlessness can be called a crowd mentality because people think that there’ll be a shortage of resources due to a pandemic.

Safety Risks Associated With Online Shopping In Pandemic

During practicing online shopping in a pandemic, there was a fear of the virus as well. In countries where the second or third wave is prevailing, the situation is still the same. The fear is because the virus can survive on the surface for 3-4 days. In that scenario, the online packages may contain the virus.

The online stores made a reasonable effort in this regard by adopting safety measures. It is also advised to sanitize the package before opening and using it. If the item takes seven or more days to ship, the virus might affect you as it can’t stay alive on surfaces for an extended period.

The Behavior Of Men And Women Varied

A lot of variation in the behavior of men and women was shown concerning online shopping. According to a survey about spending on regularly used products, 1/3rd of men while 25% of women indicated a change. 

When it was asked that their spending on entertainment (traveling, movies, and restaurants) is changed or not, 36% men while 28% of women indicated a change. The survey results refer to a difference in opinion and behavioral change between opposite genders. It also describes the way of thinking and spending during the pandemic. 

Decline In Store Visit
Decline In Store Visit

Revenue Changes In Ecommerce Sector

Due to social distancing practice, there were revenue changes in the ecommerce sectors.  For instance:

  • Buying of groceries was increased while Covid was on peak.
  • The trend of subscription services has also increased. The same was the case with the use of online services.
  • The category of outdoors faces a bit of downfall because of lockdown. 
  • The traveling was stopped for some time. That’s why this industry was affected and faces a revenue change.
  • The products in the category of health were high in demand. That’s why their revenue increased. 

Sales Of Product Categories Shifted

With the change in revenue, online shopping categories also face a change in terms of sales. 

  1. People increase the use of health products to stay safe and to get rid of the virus.
  2. The pantry preparation faces a rise in sales. It includes the same grocery and items of daily use.
  3. For the preparation of quarantine, there was an increase in online services. The reason is that people were free and spending time in quarantine.
  4. The restricted living was imposed. People try not to go outside. These frequent visits lessen the sales of sports products and those related to traveling.
  5. The sales of digital streaming services were also increased because people were home-bound and looking for activities. 
  6. The sales of clothing and apparel also face a downfall probably because people are less interested.
Demand Of Health Products Is Increased
Demand Of Health Products Is Increased

The Digital World Has Progressed

The world has gone digital 10x times after the pandemic. Many local businesses shifted themselves to online mode to survive. It is because online shopping was changed during the quarantine. 

Also, the use of social media and other digital platforms was increased. The reason was the decline in physical and people connect through video calls and meetings.

Bringing It All Together

That was all about the change in the trend of online shopping during pandemic. The lockdown, quarantine, and social distancing were some factors responsible for bringing the change. The aim of staying healthy also persuades people to change their habits.